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The following provides general information and guidance on making payments to Hertfordshire County Council. Please help us ensure that our processes are as efficient as possible and avoid delays in processing your payments and allocating these to your account.

Bank Accounts

When banking income into Hertfordshire County Council, Herts for Learning and Hertfordshire Catering Limited, please ensure that these are made to the appropriate bank account shown in the table below.

Account Name

Sort Code

Account no.

HCC Invoiced Income




HCC Non Invoiced Income





Herts for Learning




Hertfordshire Catering Limited Operating Account



Hertfordshire Catering Limited Client Account (for income from parents)




Remittance Advice

All income banked must be accompanies by a remittance advice that provides details of the payment to ensure this is correctly allocated.

Remittance advice can either be submitted either by letter or by email to

The remittance advice does not need to be in a specific format and is intended to be a notification of income received by the authority.
It should include:

  • the total amount being paid
  • the details of all invoices being paid including the individual amounts
  • the school details
  • a contact name and phone number or email address in case of any queries.


Unpaid Cheques

From September, schools will be notified of any unpaid cheques received from parents/guardians by email rather than letter.  The email address used will be admin @ school


Milk Money

When paying in milk money it is essential that coding slips are completed correctly so that income can be processed to your account swiftly.    Please follow the example paying in slip below:


schools income



schools income