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Switch Off Campaign

Switch off fortnight packSwitch-Off Fortnight is the ideal way to engage the whole school in an energy saving project. It is also a great way to involve parents in the work you are doing and to encourage students to think about the energy they use at home as well as in school.

Ideas, lesson plans and promotion materials are available from eco schools:

Alternative lesson plans and survey forms can be found on the Grid energy curriculum pages:


Summer 2012 Updates to the Energy Pages

During the Summer the Grid energy pages have been updated. This will help you access energy information and support more easily.

There are now dedicated sections for energy saving products and funding for energy initiatives.

The list below details all the new sections and the types of information within them:




Summer Holidays Energy Switch Off

Summer Holidays are the ideal time to identify your schools minimum energy consumption. Many of you will be able to monitor this using either the Automatic Meter Reading facility or by using the Optimal system. It is beneficial to establish your schools baseline as this is a tool to measure energy consumption against throughout the rest of the year

Baselines for electricity on non teaching days vary considerably at the moment, with some being as low as 30kWh per day and others being well over 100kWh.

In most cases the summer baseline for gas use should be zero.

Why not see how low you can go over this summer?
The types of action you can take to ensure that you are not consuming energy that is extra to your needs are:

  • Ensure that all heating is switched off;
  • Turn off gas water heaters
  • Turn off electric water heaters
  • Turn off cold water machines
  • Turn off vending machines
  • Switch off all IT and office equipment except for servers.
  • Ensure stand alone air conditioning units are switched off and not left working to a thermostat. ( apart from those used to cool IT servers)
  • Consolidate cold storage into fewer fridges and freezers, switching off those that are not needed.
  • Ensure internal lighting is switched off.

If you school is being used over the holidays pass the switch off message to those users, ensuring that they are aware of your desire to reduce energy consumption.


Energy Briefing - October 2010

This report is split into 2 sections, the first part is information on issues that could come up at any School and has some recommendations should specific circumstances occur.

The second part includes a report on the historic billing issues that was presented at the last Schools Forum. It also includes a summary of the discussion held and actions that are to follow.

Information on Energy Billing and Related Issues
Energy Billing Report - October 2010

Please find included with this submission onto the Grid, a table of all schools along with their relevant suppliers with an indication of whether the supplier’s billing is complete or not, as requested at Schools Forum and also on the Energy Briefing published on the Grid for Learning in early October (see above.) 

This document covers supplies on the HCC corporate gas and electricity contracts paid centrally by Energy Management only.  It is possible that your school has further meters which are not on contract and not paid through this team, it is very important to note this document does NOT cover these meters.  The school would need to budget for any ‘independent’ meters as well as those contracted through HCC.

Each school is listed by the school number on the left hand side of the document.  Reading across, the details are broken down in to the different utilities and contract periods.  The data only relates to the historic billing, up to 30th September 09 for electricity and 31st October 2009 for gas.

This information is given in good faith and with the expectation that each school will compare this to their own records, the billing data from Traded Services and the paper invoices they have received.  It incorporates all our known records however you should be aware that the suppliers are legally allowed to re-bill incorrectly invoiced consumption for up to 6 years.  As such it is possible that an error could be found by the suppliers, and the billing re-issued.  If this did occur we would of course challenge and check the corrections but ultimately if these are found to be accurate the invoices would have to be paid.

As agreed with Schools Forum  this report does not show the time span of unpaid invoices nor the amount outstanding, to produce a report of that size and complexity would take a huge amount of time and considerably delay the actual work of clearing these older invoices. We will be putting further updates onto the grid over the coming months that will advise on progress and sites cleared.