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School online safety policy

Model Online Safety Policy 2018 (Including Online Safety Acceptable Use Agreements)

Herts for Learning has provided the Model Online Safety Policy, including a range of Acceptable Use Agreements and additional guidance that you may wish to use in your school or setting. Please note that this is a ‘model’ policy and can be adapted to meet the needs of your school/ setting. All adaptations should be risk assessed. Please insert your school name, logo and policy title to the front page.

Please note that we have made a few amendments to the Online Safety Policy and Acceptable Use Agreements, please see version 003 of the policy. Details of the changes made can be found in the ‘Online Safety Updates 22.5.18’ document.

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Online Safety Policy Updates - 22nd May 2018
Online Safety Model Policy 2018
Appendix A - Acceptable Use For Staff & Governors
Appendix B - Acceptable Use Peripatetic Staff
Appendix C - Acceptable Use For Visitors Volunteers
Appendix D - Acceptable Use Primary Pupils
Appendix E - Acceptable Use Secondary Pupils
Appendix F - Online Safety Policy Guide for Parents
Appendix G - Guidance on Cyberbullying Incidents
Appendix H - Guidance on Negative Comments on Social Media
Appendix I - Online Safety Incident Reporting Form
Appendix J - Online Safety Incident Record for Staff Completion
Appendix K - Online Safety Incident Log
Responding to online safety incidents in school