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Wordpress New

All of the new websites we build are now developed using Wordpress, which is web-based and free to install. Schools have found this much more user-friendly than Dreamweaver for maintaining their websites and it has the added advantage that it can be accessed from anywhere and not just from a single computer in school. A new Wordpress site can usually be developed on the school's current web hosting alongside the live website, which can continue to be maintained until the new website goes live.

Security Issues

If you have a website developed using Wordpress, in order to reduce the likelihood of your website being hacked, it is important that your password is secure and changed regularly. It is also important to ensure that any updates to plugins, themes, or the core Wordpress software are applied, and that regular backups are taken.

Passwords can be changed in the Dashboard by selecting 'Users' and editing the relevant user account. Wordpress will generate a 'strong' password - you can change it but the stronger the password, the less likely it is that your website will be compromised.

If you have the opted to take the Wordpress updates contract with ICT Services, Wordpress updates will be applied for you and scheduled backups will be checked to make sure they have completed successfully.

Alternatively, updates can be applied by selecting 'Updates' from the Dashboard. It is recommended that you don't apply these yourself unless you are confident in what you are doing as updates may affect the display or functionality of your website. Whatever you do, take a backup first so you can restore the website if anything goes wrong.

Please contact Alison Bellerby if you need help with any of these issues - see panel on the right for contact details.

If you think your website has been hacked, contact your website host or Alison Bellerby as soon as possible.