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Statutory Requirements for School Websites

Updated September 2020

Schools are required to publish certain information online – which in practice means you must have a school website. The guidelines below are designed to help schools ensure that the information on their websites will satisfy Ofsted's requirements.

If you’re an academy or free school, you need to check your funding agreement to find out what you should publish on your website.

The DfE has provided an up-to-date list of all the information to be published on the website of a maintained school:

If you would like some help or advice with making sure that your website is compliant, please contact Alison Bellerby at School Website Support on 01438 844777, (Option 1 and then Option 5)

Preparing for Ofsted

The following extract from the Ofsted School Inspection Handbook shows what information the lead inspector will analyse to develop an initial picture of the school’s performance when preparing for an inspection.

"information on the school’s website, including its statement on the use of the pupil premium, in primary schools the PE and sport premium, the statutory sharing with parents of curriculum information (so the lead inspector can start to assess the breadth and balance of the school’s curriculum and whether it is likely to promote preparation for and an appreciation of life in modern Britain), the special educational needs (SEN) information report, the presence and suitability of the safeguarding guidance, taking into account current government requirements, information about the promotion of equality of opportunity and other information for parents"