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Dreamweaver Updates from Home

In the event of school closure, you may wish to update your website from home. If your website is hosted with RM, you will have been provided with a login to their administration site - cPanel. Access is achieved by clicking on the link provided, entering the username and password, then selecting 'File Manager'.

You will have to select the 'public_html' folder before your website file structure appears. You then need to find the file you would like to edit, click on the filename and choose HTML Editor. When you have finished your changes, save using the button at the top left of the page.

Please note that for both of these editors, the whole page is editable, not just area you can edit in Dreamweaver, so particular care must be taken as to where you place your cursor. When the emergency is over you can reinstate your previous page by uploading it from the computer you usually use in school.