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integrated services for learningTop-up High Needs Funding (HNF) in Mainstream Schools

Local High Needs Funding (LHNF) Application Form

Guidance for completing Local High Needs application form


Top-up High Needs Funding (HNF) and Local High Needs Funding (LHNF) in Mainstream Schools

The SEND Funding in Mainstream Schools Banding Tool is now available.  This sets out Hertfordshire’s approach to funding the special educational provision expected for children and young people in a mainstream school or early years setting. There is a guide in the tool that will explain how the different sections and tabs (worksheets) within the Excel tool operate and what information is required to ensure it works as expected.

Training on the new Top-up High Needs Funding (HNF) and Local High Needs Funding (LHNF), including the use of the Banding Tool, was delivered online on 16th July.

Recording of the training session
Presentation slides

Schools and settings are asked to familiarise themselves with the tool and the descriptors within it so that decisions can be made about the kind of support a child or young person may require to meet their needs. The descriptors in the tool can also be downloaded to form a simple booklet that will act as a quick reference guide.

The Tool will be used from 1st September 2020 to identify the provision for CYP in a variety of circumstances:

  • CYP whose needs can be met from a school’s own resources (Bands 0 and 1)
  • CYP who are going through an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA)
  • Schools and settings making an application to the LHNF panels
  • send_funding_in_mainstream_school_banding_tool_2020.xlsx, 02/07/2020

If you have any questions once you have had the opportunity to watch the recording of the training session, please email these to  We will be compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions which will be published here and updated throughout the summer.