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National Award for SEN Coordination

Eastern partnershipFor over eight years, a unique partnership of SEND leads across the region has been collaborating to run the National Award for SEN Coordination and the follow-on SEN Masters suite programmes. This has enabled a nationally mandated course to run successfully in local areas. It ensures SENCOs achieve all the learning outcomes required to successfully gain their qualification whilst building local knowledge and developing effective support networks.

The outstanding reputation of the course is well recognised, and the Eastern Partnership UK (SEND), hosted by Herts for Learning Ltd., working with the University of Hertfordshire, has enabled approximately 2000 SENCOs, hundreds of whom work in Hertfordshire schools, to successfully gain their National Award qualification. In addition, many SENCOs have completed the SEN Masters suite to gain their MA in Education and Leadership or in SEND and Inclusion.

For more information visit the Eastern Partnership website:

National Award for SEN Coordination 2020-21 flyer

Induction for New SENCOs

This is a two-day Herts for Learning course for new or aspiring SENCO/INCOs that provide reassurance and pointers for first steps in the role. This course also provides an excellent foundation for the more advanced National Award for SEN Coordination.

The sessions offer practical ideas to support delegates to develop provision and practice in their schools so that children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities make good progress from their starting points. The course provides a brief overview of national/local guidance, and highlights the implications for the role. There will be a variety of inputs and practical activities.