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New requirements for Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education

The new regulations for teaching Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education in England’s primary and secondary schools have passed through the House of Lords and will come in to force from September 2020.  Find out how Herts for Learning can help your school start making the transition with our range of specially devised training courses and consultancy services starting this term. arrow Find out more


Register as an early adopter: Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education

The Department for Education is looking for schools to act as early adopters of this curriculum and to begin teaching the new subjects from September 2019.


Relationships and Sex Education Digest November and December 2018 / January 2019

A new monthly digest of education news for SRE for Hertfordshire schools.


FREE Parent Workshops for secondary schools - ‘Talking about sex and relationships with your teenager’

The average teenager receives messages about sex and relationships from a wide range of sources including teachers, friends, TV and social media as well as whatever they learn at home. But with an increasing number of teenagers admitting to learning most about sex from watching online porn there are concerns that some information is inaccurate, misleading or even damaging.  So it’s important young people learn not only the ‘facts of life’ but also develop the skills to evaluate risks and make healthy decisions.

High quality relationships and sex education (RSE) in school is important and mandatory from 2020 but research shows that parents and carers can help children grow up to achieve healthy, happy relationships and stay safe by talking about it at home. However embarrassment, fear of ‘getting it wrong’ and a lack of confidence sometimes get in the way of discussions, which is why Hertfordshire County Council is pleased to announce a new opportunity for secondary schools to book a FREE parent workshop, ‘Talking about relationships and sex with your teenager’.

Facilitated by Vanessa Rogers, a qualified teacher and UK specialist in PSHE, these workshops aim to provide information in a way that is accessible to all along with tips for starting age-appropriate conversations about loving, consensual, respectful relationships at home.

To book a workshop or register interest please contact Vanessa Rogers on 07843 421157 or email her

Please note workshops will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, two schools per district. The workshops are there to support the parents and guardians of your pupils so let’s work together to ensure the maximum numbers benefit.


Relationships and Sex Education Digest July / August / September 2018

A new monthly digest of education news for SRE for Hertfordshire schools.


For Secondary PSHE Colleagues: What happens when you attend a sexual health service in Hertfordshire

HCC in partnership with Sexual Health Hertfordshire have produced a short film outlining what happens when you attend Hertfordshire’s local sexual health service. Also just a reminder that there is also a film on this page that can be used with students demonstrating safe ways to put on a condom.   To view the films visit:


Digital Romance Assembly Tour -The impact of technology on romantic relationships

Supporting our students around this important focus is a vital part of our curriculum provision for

  • online safety
  • relationships and sex education
  • safeguarding

This 25-30 minute assembly, targeted at year 9 and above, focuses on how young people’s relationships are integral to their online behaviour. It will be delivered through a presentation with embedded DVD/sound.

Digital Romance Assembly Tour

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) – Herts Grid for Learning (HGfL) updated in readiness for statutory status

Staff who attended the SRE Summit of March 2017 will already be aware that Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is to be a statutory subject in all schools from September 2019. In readiness for this change of status, HCC have commissioned HfL to update the content of the RSE pages on the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning.

HfL in partnership with HCC aim to support schools to deliver outstanding PSHE provision that includes high quality, age appropriate Relationship and Sex Education. The updated pages will provide school staff with lots of information to support this delivery including:

  • Places to signpost your students to meet their sexual health and contraceptive needs
  • National guidance
  • The latest PSHE and RSE/RE news
  • Links to important additional sources of information such as PSHE Association programme of study and the Sex Education Forum websites
  • Answers to most frequently asked teacher questions are provided
  • Guidelines for working with external agencies in schools
  • Resources available to support lesson planning
  • Consultancy and training support available

These updates have just gone live and we invite schools to have a look around this new section:

To support this website launch and to support you in your planning for statutory RSE, HfL’s PSHE Consultant is bringing back the hugely popular surgery sessions and bespoke support directly to schools which will help you to review and develop policy and practice, and prepare you to train staff or to work with parents in this area.

Relationships and Sex Education Digest November 2017 & January 2018

A new monthly digest of education news for SRE for Hertfordshire schools.

Online e training resources

Brook, the national young people’s sexual health and wellbeing charity provides free online e training resources for professionals. They cover a wide range of topics including contraception, relationships and consent. For more information visit:

PHE National Sexual Health Campaign

Public Health England launched a national sexual health campaign called ‘Protect against STIs’, targeted at young people, aged between 16 – 24 years old.

The campaign aims to reduce rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) through normalising condom usage. There is a particular focus on the younger end of the age range(16-19 year olds) because they are less experienced and have not yet formed unhealthy habits so this provides the greatest opportunity to influence norms and behaviour of this audience.

Promote the campaign in your school! - There are a range of resources on sexual health available including the campaign overview, key messages and facts and stats. Please make use of these video links to initiate discussions around STIs.

Visit the campaign website! Watch a short film 'Protect against STI's' , which gives first hand experiences on what it’s like to have an STI.

Sexual Health Social Media Toolkit

Free condoms for young people aged 24 years and under are available through the county C-card scheme and selected pharmacies.

Community Pharmacy Sexual Health Services

How do I ensure that teaching is high quality in PSHE/RSE?

Teaching and Learning in PSHE should adhere to these ten research based principles of high quality principles.

The government signals its intention to make SRE statutory from Sept 2019 and renames it to RSE in secondary schools and Relationships Education in Primary schools:

PSHE Image (pdf)


The Sex Education Forum have developed a poster containing pointers for schools that are committed to delivering high quality SRE.

Relationships and Sex Education Digest May & July 2017

A new monthly digest of education news for SRE for Hertfordshire schools.

UN recommendation for mandatory SRE

The UN recommendation appears in the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Concluding observations on the fifth periodic report of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (June 2016). The full recommendation is as follows:

'The Committee recommends that the State party ensure that meaningful sexual and reproductive health education is part of the mandatory school curriculum for all schools, including academies, special schools and youth detention centres, in all areas of the State party. Such education should provide age-appropriate information on: confidential sexual and reproductive health-care services; contraceptives; prevention of sexual abuse or exploitation, including sexual bullying; available support in cases of such abuse and exploitation; and sexuality, including that of LGBT children’.


Working with external agencies to deliver sex and relationships programmes in schools

Some schools have enquired about protocols for engaging with external providers to complement the taught PSHE curriculum on issues such as Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) provision. It is worth saying that if a provider is offering ‘free’ support or indeed, chargeable support to schools then please consider carefully where the funding is coming from and whether there may be a particular slant they may want to promote in their work with your children and young people. This slant may or may not sit well with your school’s SRE policy and approach. It is worth considering what you would like them to cover in quite a lot of detail before they arrive as it would be good practice to seek parental consent if sensitive issues are being covered. We want to ensure age-appropriate content is delivered in our schools by excellent providers that follow the DfE guidance. Any organisation or individual, therefore, offering services to deliver SRE in schools should therefore be encouraged to work alongside teaching staff, supporting the planned delivery of any curriculum activity.

The attached information has been created by HCC and represents good practice in working with external providers. We have decided it would be helpful to circulate this to our PSHE co-ordinators and Healthy Schools. We hope that this helps you to devise protocols and approaches to make use of external support that may be available for your school. It goes without saying that we recommend that you follow safeguarding procedures at all times ensuring that visitors are supervised by school staff and that pupils are not left alone with visitors.

I thought it would be worth reminding you at this point of HfL’s offer. If you need any help with developing your SRE policy or practice, or wish to attend an SRE training session such as the SRE Champions courses, please see the attached brochure and book on to surgery sessions or course. This SRE Champions course and surgery session is free to schools to attend, HCC funded, to support you in this important area of the curriculum.

Working with External Agencies to Deliver Sex and Relationships Programmes in Schools