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Physical Activity

Physical Activity The PE and sport adviser offers training, support and guidance on:

  • Physical education
  • Physical activity
  • Health
  • Community cohesion
  • Tackling obesity
  • Partnership work
  • Boys’ engagement and attainment.

Training can be delivered to the whole school, department or individually during daytime or twilight and across all phases.

Support available includes:

  • At KS1 and KS2 practical training courses for teachers and teaching assistants includes: swimming, outdoor and adventurous activities, active play, sportsability, inclusion, fit for TOPS, learning in and through PE
  • At KS3 & 4 there is advice on vocational PE and BTEC, physical resources, equipment and PE facilities
  • The adviser offers advice, guidance and support on Health & Safety and safeguarding in PE and school sport
  • PE policy writing and support for subject inspections
  • Training and CPD for PE in Hertfordshire has been recognised nationally as best practice and delegates frequently rate their training as good or outstanding. By attending training or organising CPD in your school your teachers will be able to deliver high quality PE.