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News, Events & Meetings

Bletchley Park’s Award Winning Learning Offer is Available Free for Eligible Schools

During World War 2 Bletchley Park’s codebreakers faced adverse conditions and battled against the clock to get results. Sound familiar? In the current challenging circumstances, we are proud to be able to offer opportunities for students to continue learning about Bletchley Park’s inspiring story.


School and other learning group visits are available during term time, providing opportunities for students to engage with Bletchley Park’s story, its wider relevance to contemporary history and our own lives today. During a visit students will experience a guided tour around the outside of the buildings, providing opportunity for students to delve deeper into the story of Bletchley Park; an interactive workshop; and some self-guided time to explore the Park whilst following our social distancing measures.


We bring a little part of Bletchley Park to you as part of our Outreach program. Students will have the opportunity to take part in interactive workshops, many of which include a demonstration of a real, working Enigma machine.


Students can now access our learning offer through a Virtual Learning Session streamed directly to their classroom or personal device. Your new online codes and ciphers learning experience includes a digital tour of the Park, an Enigma demonstration and workshop session.

Ultra bursary funding

Our very own bursary scheme, funded by kind donations from external organisations, charities and individuals, allows eligible schools to experience Bletchley Park’s Learning programme for free.

Visit our website to find out more information about our offer and our Ultra Bursary Program or email


60 Second Histories

60 Second Histories is a history resource that delivers National Curriculum support through clips, quizzes, readymade lesson plans and safe sharing for class and home use. 


Celtic Harmony Prehistory

Celtic Harmony Camp, the UKs largest Iron Age settlement, in Brickendon is just outside Hertford.

Inspire your prehistory topic at:


World War 1 Christmas Truce Commemorations

The Northumbria and Newcastle Universities Martin Luther King Peace Committee have produced some teaching resources to help schools, churches and civic institutions mark the December 1914 Christmas truces.

The December 1914 Christmas Truces, when British, French and German soldiers stopped fighting to celebrate Christmas, exchange gifts, sing carols, and even play football, are one of the most extraordinary episodes in modern military history. They are worth teaching about not only because they are so remarkable and evocative, but because in recognising a common humanity that transcends even belligerent nations they can teach an important message that may otherwise be overlooked in the centennial commemorations.

Christmas Truces

The resource pack contains lesson plans, hand-outs, worksheets and PowerPoint slideshows for a range of subjects including history, English/literacy, geography, RE/PSE, art, PE and even cookery. It also contains complete outlines and materials for Christmas Truces-themed assemblies and school carol services. They are aimed primarily at Key Stage 2 and 3, but can be adapted for younger children and older students.

The resource pack is available to download below and further resources including powerpoints are available to download free from their website:

Christmas Truce Flyer


Black History Month Resources

  A list of useful web links to help you find resources for all key stages to support work during Black History month. 

Martin Luther King Peace Committee website