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Policies & Guidance



Model policy for reducing the need for restrictive interventions in schools (December 2019)

Hertfordshire schools and educational establishments are encouraged to use this framework, and to adapt it to their own situation.

It is advised that all schools should be familiar with the Hertfordshire Policy on the use of Restrictive Physical Intervention

The Policy is best placed within the Behaviour Policy, it will be part of a graded response, and needs to be agreed in consultation with staff, governors parents/carers, and pupils.  It also connects to, and should be consistent with, policies on Health and Safety, Child Protection and safeguarding, Equal Opportunities, and Pastoral Care. 

Hertfordshire Behaviour Strategy

This behaviour strategy identifies how In Hertfordshire a partnership of the council, schools, parents and other stakeholders both promotes positive behaviour and offers support to children who find it difficult to engage positively in learning and manifest these difficulties through poor behaviour.

Hertfordshire Behaviour Strategy 2015-18

Use of Reasonable Force in Schools (July 2013)

Departmental advice to clarify the use of force in schools for governing bodies, headteachers and school staff.


Behaviour on Home to School Transport

Behaviour on transport posterHertfordshire's transport team have produced this very helpful poster to clarify everyone's roles in ensuring safety on home to school transport. 

Please display them, share them with pupils, parents and staff. 

They are a timely and helpful addition to your positive behaviour strategy and your preparation for Ofsted.

Download poster: