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June 2017 - School Improvement Strategy Going Forward

Hertfordshire County Council is currently in the process of evaluating the current Strategy for School Improvement and considering the format of the future strategy. This will include:

  • an evaluation of the current 20154-17 School Improvement Strategy
  • An agreed 'vision' for Hertfordshire education. This will include a contribution from all the key stakeholders
  • Information on core services from HCC for all the schools
  • Information for maintained schools in terms of the Local Authority expectations and agreed processes

Hertfordshire Strategy for School Improvement 2014-17 (April 2014)Herts Strategy

The Hertfordshire school improvement strategy 2014-17 sets out the vision, aims and priorities to ensure a step change in improved performance for Hertfordshire schools, children and young people for the future.

Online Appendices

c. Monitoring of Academies - flowchart (pdf/163kb)
d. Maintained schools judged by Ofsted as ‘Requires Improvement’ (RI) - challenge and support process (pdf/210kb)
e. 2013/14 Performance - Priorities for 2014/15 (pdf/1MB)
f. Herts for Learning – support programme for schools pdf/210kb)
g. Herts for Learning – link to HfL structure chart (pdf/210kb)
h. Priorities and targets for improvement 2014/15 (pdf/291kb)
i. Glossary and useful links (pdf/210kb)
RPA strategy (pdf/52kb)

Consultation Events - Presentation


A wall chart designed to help schools understand which services for schools are now provided by HfL and which are still provided by HCC is available to download from:


For further information contact Caroline Inglis on email:

Standards and Quality in Hertfordshire Schools 2013

The annual report on standards and quality in Hertfordshire schools was presented to Hertfordshire’s Enterprise, Education and Skills Cabinet Panel on 4th February 2014. This report informs members about standards and quality in schools and other settings. It presents evidence from inspections, test and examination results and other assessments.

In the academic year 2012/13, the summer's test and examination results indicate sustained high standards in tests and examinations; results were maintained or improved at most key stages where trend data is available. For many vulnerable groups, the gap between their achievement and that of all children is closing but for some it remains wide, particularly those on free school meals (FSM) and children looked after (CLA). At the end of the academic year 2012/13, a higher percentage of Hertfordshire schools were judged outstanding in their Ofsted inspections than national. The percentage of Hertfordshire schools in an Ofsted inadequate category was much lower than national. The percentage of schools judged good or outstanding was, however, lower than national.

Annual Report 2013