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Child Protection Form and Service Request Form

There are two forms for individual referrals for 

  1. Child protection (RED form) and
  2. A request for a service from another agency (GREEN form)

The forms and guidance are available on the website at :

Please note, these forms sit on website NOT the Grid. There may be a slight delay in the pdfs loading where a white or grey blank screen appears before the pdf loads.

Sims generated reports for the new forms

SITSS have produced new reports to enable you to generate the Service Request and Child Protection Referral forms directly from Sims. These are available at:



Common Assessment Framework Form and Supporting tools

To access CAF forms and Guidance documents including 'How to Complete a CAF' please go to:

CAF forms can also be accessed on schools SIMS system:


Statutory Assessment

Schools - for guidance and forms for requesting a statutory assessment please go to the SEN web pages:


Integrated Services for Learning (ISL) New

integrated services for learningA new service which brings staff together into integrated area teams across the county to provide support for children and young people with additional and special educational needs: - educational psychology, SEN, behaviour and attendance, early years and SEN, education support centres.

Access to support and advice about individual children from any of our teams in ISL is through a single service request form (SSR) with the exception of requests for statutory assessments of SEN which should go through the established Hertfordshire to settings. For more information:


Step Up/Step Down Process

A series of process diagrams have been created to show different types and levels of intervention and how a Step Up/Step Down process aims to address the ongoing needs of families, taking into account the issues raised. The processes outline work across the partnership of specialist, targeted and universal support (continuum of needs) and aim to enable a deliverable and effective transition for families, ensuring children are protected and families supported by a range of practitioners working together.

Further detailed information and the Step Up/Step Down process diagrams can be found at: