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Timpson Review on school exclusions published

This week, former Government Children's Minister Edward Timpson CBE published a review into school exclusions. 

Schools will be made accountable for the pupils they exclude and there will be a clampdown on off-rolling, as part of Government measures taken in response to the Timpson Review of School Exclusion.

The review, published on 7th May, makes 30 recommendations to Government as it highlights variation in exclusions practice across different schools, local authorities and certain groups of children. The report concludes that while there is no optimal number of exclusions, there needs to be action to ensure permanent exclusions are only used as a last resort, where nothing else will do.

The Department for Education agreed to all 30 recommendations in principle, “committing to act to make sure no child misses out on a quality education”.

Read the full report: Timpson Review of School Exclusion.


Guidelines for Fixed Period and Permanent Exclusions

In September 2017 the DfE published new statutory guidance in relation to school exclusions. This replaced the previous DfE guidance published in September 2012. The current guidance may be found via the following link:

Additional non-statutory guidance on exclusions which augments the statutory guidance issued by the DfE, which is only available in an electronic format, may be found via the following link:

If you have any queries with regard to exclusion matters please refer to the HCC Inclusion Team.


Funding Provision for Schools taking on Permanently (off-roll) Excluded Pupils

When a school takes on a pupil that has been excluded from a previous provision and has since gone off-roll, the receiving school is entitled to the proportion of AWPU (Age Weighted Pupil Unit) and Pupil Premium (if eligible) remaining in the financial year for that pupil. In order to enquire about this, schools can fill in the X2 form and send it back to HCC School’s Finance. Once it has been confirmed that the details are correct, the Finance team will get in contact to inform your school that the transfer of balance has been initiated.

This process will also help ensure that HCC know what provision pupils are in.


HCC Fair Access Protocol and Exclusions

Update on the HCC Integration Team

The two Integration Team statutory responsibilities were:-

  • LA duties in relation to exclusions procedures
  • The Fair Access Protocol function (part of the determined in year admission arrangements)

From September 2019, the Integration Team will cease to exist and there will be two new teams, one for each responsibility


The HCC Inclusion Team

For matters relating to exclusions from school
This new team will undertake:-

  • Advice and guidance relating to exclusion for schools
  • Local Authority duties in respect of the administration for exclusions
  • Local Authority representation at Governor Disciplinary Meetings
  • Local Authority representation at Independent Review Panels
  • Day 6 provision arrangements for permanently excluded pupils




Contact Details

Loraine Clancy
(all year)

Inclusion Lead Officer
East Herts , Broxbourne, North Herts and Stevenage area
01442 453084

Anjana Walia
(all year)

Inclusion Officer
Watford & Three Rivers, St Albans and Dacorum, WGC Hatfield & Hertsmere area
01442 453086

Atlanta Nolan
(all year)

Inclusion Information Officer
Across Hertfordshire


Inclusion Team Leaflet


The HCC Fair Access Team

For matters relating to admissions under the Fair Access Protocol (including managed moves)

This new team will undertake:-

  • All admissions to schools for in year applicants who meet the Fair Access Protocol
  • All admissions for pupils returning from ESCs into mainstream school in line with Fair Access Protocol
  • All approaches to schools for CLA
  • Identifying named schools for School Attendance Orders
  • Liaise with a range of internal and external stakeholders to ensure appropriate packages of support for children admitted under the Fair Access Protocol
  • Organise and chair the new secondary Fair Access Panels (replacing the old Integration Panels)
  • Contribute to all primary Behaviour Panels identified as hosting the primary Managed Move process


Fair access team leaflet