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Cover 7

Recording Staff Absences (Secondary & Middle Schools only)

Cover 7 forms part of the SIMS suite and deals primarily with arranging cover for absent classroom staff at schools. Previously, this has been arranged using Nova T4, which is no longer supported by Capita Services. The development of Academic Management and Nova T6 has led to the need for a cover system in Sims .net. Cover benefits from the time-aware nature of the SIMS SQL database, so it allows for the creation of dated records, both in the past and future.

Using Cover 7 you can:

  • Record classroom staff absences, room closures and make cover arrangements
  • Satisfy the requirements of the National Agreement of staff rarely cover
  • Support the management of non-employees in the classroom
  • Record absence and arrange cover for arbitrary intervals that are not tied to period start and end times
  • Record supply staff bookings
  • Support one-off assignments (e.g. lesson observations, room displacements etc)
  • Automatically create Personnel absence records from absences recorded in Cover
  • Automatically create Service Agreements from Supply Staff bookings
  • Generate exam room closures and allocate invigilators


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Documents for download



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DMS011 - Managing Classroom Staff