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What is InTouch

InTouch is the new communications product by Capita. It uses contact details and data already held in the SIMS database to send email and text messages to students, contacts, staff, agents, applicants and other schools.

As InTouch is part of the SIMS suite and is managed from within the database, there is no need to use, or import contact details into, third party software. Once a change is made to a record in SIMS, it is also made to InTouch automatically. Messages are sent from and received to the database itself and can be managed from the SIMS Homepage. Once installed, InTouch can be used by any SIMS user, permissions for which are maintained via SIMS System Manager.

Any message sent or received about a particular student can be logged to the Student’s Communication Log and referred to at a future point in time.

Documents for download


Documents for download



Using the SMS Gateway for InTouch



What is InTouch?


Capita InTouch Presentation


For information about pricing, installation and training, please contact:
Rebecca Terrett or
Amanda Newmarch
Via the SITSS Service Desk:
Tel: 01438 844777 option 1, option 1