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Personnel Reports

DMS created SIMS reports

This report has the following:

All the files below are only available within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...

Capita Safety Reports for Personnel
Once imported into SIMS, this report can be found in the focus of Staff:
SPS Staff Absence Report
*Please note these reports were created by Capita*

Cover page to go in personal record (Updated Feb 2017)

Absence Analysis

Absence between dates by name

Absence report between dates

Absence with note

Absence working days lost

Absence by type

All staff qualifications

Current staff list

Employed on a given date with info

Staff contacts

Staff list gender and code

Staff next of kin

Staff next of kin and contacts telephone

Staff photographs

Contract information

Contract information for teachers

Contract FTE

Nominal roll matching

Staff check dates

Staff employment information


Car reg search

NI Number search

Staff birthdays

Staff personal information


Training between dates with costs

Training by name and cost

Training course and renewal date

Training search


Emergency contacts list

Staff data collection record

Create a letter from a staff record

Report on annual leave