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SIMS Staff Performance

SIMS Personnel has been enhanced to support Staff Performance functionality. This enables you to use the staff information that is already held within SIMS and work with an interface that staff are already familiar with. There is no need for expensive data extraction of staff data or duplicate entry of staff details into alternative software which is a huge benefit in itself. And of course the class information is already in SIMS enabling lesson observations to be set up without the need for extra administration.

With SIMS Staff Performance you can manage, monitor and report on the performance of your entire workforce, ensuring everyone is reaching their full potential and contributing towards whole school improvement. From individual objectives and employee reviews to lesson observations, all your staff performance data is held centrally and securely, integrated with the personnel record. With class information pulled automatically from within SIMS, your school has access to the right information for making quicker, more informed decisions.

Some of the features:

  • Electronic reports provide the instant evidence you need to demonstrate you’re actively managing staff performance - invaluable when it comes to school inspections. to your needs
  • Easily found up-to-date information on training, qualifications, and other staff data.
  • Define access for your senior leadership team, line managers, appraisers and staff, giving each the right permissions for their needs.
  • Maintain all the evidence you need throughout the appraisal process to give a relevant pay recommendation, without having to navigate to a different system, or through pages of paperwork.
  • Objectives, lesson observations and reviews can be recorded together with staff development, including the opportunity to assign grades. All of this information is available to report on from one place.
  • Identify your best performing staff against professional standards to enable them to share best practice.
  • Keep track of the appraisal process as evidence to Ofsted on how you’re meeting, and raising, standards.
  • Customise appraisal tools in line with the way your school works, and link individual objectives to whole school priorities.
  • Appraisers have more time to observe as class information is pulled through onto the lesson observation form without the need for extra administration.

Book your free demonstration of the software by contacting Tracy House (MIS Consultant, Primary Team) or Jennie Davies (MIS Consultant, Secondary Team) on 01438 844777 option 1, option 1.