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Upgrades, Installations & Maintenance

If your school is not yet using SOLUS3 then there are instructions below to guide you through installing SIMS/FMS at a workstation. SOLUS3 schools must refer to the SOLUS3 Common Tasks & Troubleshooting Guide below to perform these tasks.

Documents for download in schools only...


Documents for download

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school


Predefined reports



Using solus notifier


Pre-defined Reports v7186




DMS058 - Maintaining SQL Servers




DMS042 - SOLUS3 Common Tasks & Troubleshooting Guide
This document is designed to guide schools with SOLUS3 installed through the more common tasks and issues that may arise.



SIMS Technical Roadmap and Hardware Specification

The purpose of this Technical Roadmap is to provide customers with a detailed overview of any software infrastructure they might need to deploy in order to run the SIMS Product suite. It has been developed in response to and in line with customer feedback to enable Local Authorities, Schools and Academies to effectively plan their future support of SIMS over a two year period.



2018 SIMS Roadmap

The 2018 SIMS Roadmap sets out Capita's top level plans for the development of the SIMS Software suite for the year, and is constructed after taking account of the customer feedback from events such at the BETT show, regional SIMS user groups, change requests and comments received via the Capita service desk.


DMS099 - Using Dbupgrade for Applying Patches



S1404 – Errors when running FMS at a workstation

This document lists the most common errors encountered when running FMS at a workstation, together with remedies.


Electronic Transfers - AnyComms, Exclusion Sender and Children Looked After


Report contents


AnyComms is a simple desktop application designed for rapid, secure and efficient transfer of commonly required electronic returns from schools to the Local Authority and can be installed on school servers or workstations as required.


AnyComms Plus FAQ



AnyComms Plus User Guidance


Exclusion Sender installation information can be found here...