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General Information: Using SEN Module in SIMS


This module will enable all SEN details to be created within a pupil’s record in SIMS. Using this module to its maximum potential enables paperwork to be dramatically reduced. Data can easily be shared throughout the school and reports can be run to extract data in various formats.

Documents for Download in schools only...


Documents for download

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school


The SIMS Summer Upgrade has bought in the following changes to the SEN area.

The Need Type Visual Impairment has been relabelled to Vision Impairment

Gifted and Talented has been relabelled to More Able

SEN Status codes and Needs Types assigned to pupils/students must comply with DfE school census requirements. Please see document DMS138 for guidance.



The HfL Achievement Advisers (SEND) recommend that the SEN Provisions Type list should be amended to reflect the special educational provision offered by your school. The support outlined in section 6.28 in the code of practice may be helpful when reviewing and managing special educational provision. Please see document DMS137, for further advice.