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Star 7 is the core module within SIMS including Student Details, CTFs, School Diary, Pastoral Structure, Pre-admissions etc. On this page you will find useful information on using Star 7.


Hints & Tips for using SIMS Core Pupil Data


Subject & About



W113 - Deleting old CTF files

April 2013

A Video Guide to the SIMS Homepage (applicable from version 7.150 – Spring 2013)



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April 2013

A Video Guide to the SIMS Student Teacher View



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A Quick Reference Guide to the SIMS Student Teacher View




Data Collection Sheets

We have prepared some documents to enable you to collect the data. The new or existing Pupils Data Collection could be used as part of your School Welcome Pack to collect the data required for School Census before starting school.


Documents for download



DMS046 - New Pupils Data Collection

This document will enable you to collect information on new pupils.

A new statement regarding General Data Protection Regulation, Data Protection Act and the Privacy Notice on your school website has been included in the footer of this Data Collection Sheet.

Please refer to your Data Protection Officer regarding school policies on Data Protection and how this information is handled.


Ethnicity List




Documents for download



DMS004 - Importing ATF Files into SIMS

This document explains how to import ATF files into SIMS



S1094 –Applicant and Admission Groups

Pre Admission and Pupil Groups



In Year Admission Forms A and B

Part A form is for a school to complete and return to the In Year Admissions Team for a child who currently attends their school but has made an In Year application. Ideally, this form should be completed with the parent or at least with the parent's knowledge as the contents are not confidential. The form is used to consider whether or not a child meets the Fair Access criteria and is sent to the allocated school in order to help with the child's transition to a new school. The In Year team will ask all parents to provide a completed Part A with their In Year application.

Part B form is a more detailed form that the In Year admissions team will sometimes ask for where they need additional background information on a child. Again, this form iscompleted by the child's current school and is usually requested when the child is likely to be considered under the Fair Access Protocol or where there is an indication that there may be more information needed to help with transition to a new school. The school will usually be asked to complete this form by either an Integration Officer or an In Year Officer.


SIMS Core Documents


Documents for download




EYFS Year Groups Reference Sheets

An explanation as to the different year groups within EYFS cohorts, which is essential to ensuring that you allocate children to the correct Year Groups. Please ensure that you refer to the correct sheet for the relevant Academic Year.

Academic Year 2019/2020:





DMS110 - Amending and Using the Quick Letter Template



SIMS Quick Search

  • Quick Search Guide
  • Capita Enhanced Quick Search Documentation



Quick Reference Sheet for configuring the Home Page



S910 - SIMS Quick Guides


Cloning and Copying


Adding Addresses and Contacts

This document is a guide to the correct way to add addresses and contacts, and what to do if you do not see the house symbol alongside a contact who is known to live with the child.



Importing Photos into SIMS

This describes how to use batch import routine for importing student photos, and also how to add photos manually.



Common Transfer Files (CTF)


Documents for download



s1339 – CTF Matching Screen Troubleshooting

Intended as an additional resource to s1285 Matching Screen Mimi Guide above, this document contains guidance on the CTF Matching Screen and examples of some of the errors you may encounter and how to start investigating/resolving some of the issues.


s1285 - Matching Screen mini guide. A new CTF Matching routine is available for use when importing CTF’s into SIMS.



s1095 - Common Transfer Files

The Common Transfer File (CTF) is to be used to transfer data from school to school when pupils move: not only mid-year, but also when transferring after normal completion. This means that destination schools will not need to re-key the data; they will have data immediately available about pupils, including their prior performance.

They are also used to collect data for the End of Key stage and Hertfordshire CC data collection.

The latest documentation for setting up and completing CTFs can be accessed here.





Importing Guest Students via CTFs


Class Organisation Return


Documents for download


January 2019

DMS083 Class Organisation Return

The return is created by running a SIMS report to create an Excel spreadsheet. The report has been updated to show Year Taught In. Please use this new report from January 2019 onwards.


This report is for Primary Schools



This report is for all-through schools

Please follow the instructions contained in document DMS083 above, but when running the report select only primary year groups (Nursery to Year 6)





Documents for download



DMS044 - Preparing for an Ofsetd Inspection

Data Management Services cannot pre-empt what the inspectors will ask for during a school Ofsted inspection but the document below provides a list of reports that maybe useful. The document provides instructions on where the reports are located in SIMS and where to download them from the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning web page.