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Secondary Behaviour

Managing Behaviour and Achievement Data in SIMS

Behaviour Management is part of the SIMS suite of programs and can aid the implementation of your school’s behaviour policy in a consistent and efficient way.   SIMS functionality allows positive and negative behaviour data to be entered, managed, analysed and reported upon and ensures student records are comprehensive.  This can reduce administration in most schools considerably. 

  • Achievements and Behaviour Incidents can be recorded for individuals or groups of students by any SIMS user, including Teachers via the class register (Lesson Monitor schools only).

  • Detentions can be set, maintained and attendance recorded.
  • Report Cards can be entered, comments added by teachers via the class register (Lesson Monitor schools only), and printed to send home.

  • Staff can be notified of behaviour and achievement easily via the SIMS homepage, allowing early praise for achievement and prompt sanctions for behaviour issues.

  • Trends and patterns can be analysed individually or with a specified criteria using SIMS reporting. 

Documents for download in schools only...


Documents for download

All the files below are only available within a Hertfordshire school



Behaviour Management Health Check

A new service that involves a 2 hour meeting with the member of staff responsible for Behaviour.

Our Behaviour Management Consultant will review your setup and use of the software to ensure the module is being used to its full




Report Catalogue

View the Report Catalogue prior to running the report as this displays the output for each report.


W008 - Instructions on downloading and importing reports into SIMS


DMS created SIMS Reports in schools only...


Report Content

All the files below are only available within a Hertfordshire school


Capita Safety Reports for Achievement and Behaviour

Once imported into SIMS, this bundle of reports can be found in the focus of Student and contains:

SPS Achievement Graph over Time
SPS Achievement Listing
SPS Achievement Pivot Chart
SPS Behaviour Graph over Time
SPS Behaviour Listing
SPS Behaviour Pivot Chart

*Please note these reports were created by Capita*



Behaviour and Achievement Reports

This collection of reports will enable behaviour, achievement and detention data to be extracted and analysed in various formats. Please view the report catalogue prior to reporting as this shows the output of each report.