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January 2013

Larwood School (SEBD)

SITSS support in the development of SIMS Behaviour Management has improved staff productivity and as an SLT we have a much clearer picture of behaviour across the school, enabling us to reward and praise, identify areas of the curriculum with less behaviour issues to share good practice as well as introduce targeted support, etc.

August 2012

Yewtree Primary School

Attendance in the Primary classroom - case study

July 2008

Longdean School

Using SIMS Attendance to monitor pupil attendance and achieve the following objectives:

1. Improve levels of achievement through improved attendance data.
2. Remove school from Persistent Absence? status.
3. Raise the profile of Attendance by linking it to Attainment. Ensure the link is understood at all levels, Teachers, Pupils and Parents.
4. Develop a system for dealing with Attendance.
5. To become not just data rich but data literate.
6. Meet internal and external Attendance targets.