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The Sims Attendance module allows you to:

  • Print Manual Registration Sheets/OMR Sheets
  • Enter Registration/OMR Sheets Data into Attendance
  • Print Absence Sheets/OMR Sheets
  • Enter Absence Sheet/OMR sheets into Attendance
  • Deal with missing Marks and unexplained absences
  • Print Reports and Letters.

Documents for Download

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...


Documents for download



Attendance Figures for HIP Visit Form



Adding an Exceptional Circumstance

To enter your exceptional circumstances within Sims .net go to Focus > Attendance > Exceptional Circumstance. For further details please see the document to the right.


ST072 - Generic Office Procedures for schools using Attendance

The document opposite is for each school to customise and will ensure that attendance data is recorded accurately and consistently within school.  Where schools are issuing Attendance Certificates for % attendance the option is provided within the document to only include pupils who have not been late or signed out during the school day. 



Advice on School Attendance Policies can be found here




This report will provide a breakdown of AM and PM lates per student, gender, year and registration group.


Managing Fire Drill

SIMS report can be found here...




S1136 - Defining and maintaining Early Years Provision



DMS created SIMS Reports

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...


Report contents



Capita Safety Reports for Attendance

Once imported into SIMS, this bundle of reports can be found in the focus of Student and contains:

SPS Attend Indiv weekly chart 18-19
SPS Late Code Analysis
SPS Lesson Attendance
SPS Session Attendance

*Please note these reports were created by Capita*




HCC Part time timetable notification

The document and report opposite are for schools to use to enable reporting on Pupils on part-time timetables as requested by the HCC – Integrated Services for Learning (ISL) team. The document also advises on how to create a User Defined Group for these pupils allowing schools to track their progress in assessment, attendance etc.




HCC – Removal from Roll Form

The Removal from Roll form has been updated. When a pupil leaves your school mid-year, then as well as creating a CTF in the usual way and sending to the destination school via the S2S website, you must also complete a Removal from Roll Form and return it to your local Area Attendance Duty Team. Run the report by opening the Pupil Record (having entered leaving details), clicking the Link for Reports on the right of the screen and then double clicking on the HCC – Removal from Roll Form report. The report should not normally be run by going to the main Report Browse but if you have several pupils who have left at the same time, it can be as there is a date filter built into the report. You will then need to fill in the missing information before returning the report. For more information and guidance regarding this process please see the guidance at



SITSS - % Attendance Vulnerable Groups - Updated

This Excel report will give you some indication of the % attendance for all year groups and some vulnerable groups between a specified date range. You must ensure that you enter the same date range for each of the date filters. However, unlike the built in reports in Attendance, this report does not take into account missing marks, and only includes students on roll on the effective date it is run for: i.e. students who may have been on roll for part of the date range selected, but who left before the effective date, are not included. The second sheet (Student Data) in the report allows you to identify students with a percentage attendance below a selected number, and will also allow you to filter your groups even further, e.g. Summer Born White British Boys.

There is now only a single version of the report for Primary and Secondary, that will also work for all through schools.





HCC Penalty Notice

Penalty notices can be issued in cases of unauthorised absence. The pupil's absence must have been unauthorised for at least 15 sessions in the previous and/or current term.

This document will guide you through the process of producing the Hertfordshire County Council's required application form, FPN2 - Application for a Penalty Notice to be issued, using Sims .net reporting. Information held within your Sims .net database will populate the pupil's basic details section and the necessary Certificate of Attendance.

Please print the pdf document in the box to the right for instructions on how to download, import and use the required Sims .net reports.



Managing Fire Drill



SITSS - Absence Sessions in a Date Range

This report is designed to helps schools complete the Persistent Absence Data Collection.