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Accessing – SAP


Staff Leaver System

As part of an on-going commitment to improve and develop the HR and Payroll Service delivered by Serco on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, additional functionality has been developed in the on-line SAP portal to allow schools to enter Leaver instructions electronically.

Schools will be familiar with the SAP Portal as a way of entering their monthly time sheets, Performance Related Increments for Support staff and Performance Related Pay for Teachers, as well as accessing a range of reports.

From 27th June, the portal will have an additional ‘tab’ called ‘School Leaver’. By accessing this tab, schools will be able to record details of members of staff who are leaving the school’s employment.

The process is fairly straightforward and has in-built validation to assist schools in completing the required information to trigger making an employee a Leaver. The entries will also be checked and validated by the HR/Payroll Team at County Hall.

This is a two stage process with the initial entries made by an Administrator and then Authorised, in the same way as the monthly RTE timesheets.

Initially, access to the Leaver system has been attached to the same employees as have access to the RTE system. In other words, the same people will be entering the information on to the new Leaver system as currently use the RTE system and will then need to be Authorised in the usual way.

An extensive User Guide is available here:

Should you experience any difficulties please contact the Schools HR/Payroll team on 01992 556500 or e-mail the team on

Tax Guide - April 2017 In schools only

This guide consists essentially of a list of benefits and expenses, with a detailed discussion in each instance of how they should be treated for tax & NI purposes. The Guide is not intended as a source of personal tax advice for employees. Law and practice is stated as at April 2017.

Tax Office Contacts

TAX & PAYE Information

Please Mote: Academies will have their own unique Tax Reference Number and Tax Offices/Contacts.  This information only applies to Hertfordshire County Council Schools.

If employees have queries concerning the amount of Tax they are paying or their Tax Code they need to contact the Tax Office directly quoting their National Insurance (NI) number and the HCC Employer’s Tax Reference Number which is 951/H1WW.

They can be contacted:
Tel: 0845 3000 627 

If you need to write to them please contact the HMRC at the following address:
HMRC Chapel Wharf           
Trinity Bridge House
2 Dearman’s Place
Salford M3 5BA

The Serco Payroll & HR Team can check you are paying Tax against the correct Tax Code you have been issued with, however are not able to answer queries about the amount of Tax you are paying or amend your Tax Code without a written instruction from the Tax Office.


Maternity Leave Costs Calculator updated March 2019

Following the change to the funding arrangements for maternity pay in schools, the following calculator will provide an estimate of the  cost of each maternity case for your school. Please bear in mind this is intended as an estimate only.


Maternity Leave and Pay – Your entitlement