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Health and Safety Manual: Policy and Guidance for Schools

Welcome to Hertfordshire County Council's Education Health and Safety Manual

The topics are arranged alphabetically, so all you need to do is select the initial letter of the subject you are looking for, and select the link you require. if you can't find the information you are looking for, you can always contact the Education Health and Safety team on 01992 556478.

For example if you are looking for guidance on personal safety select P and select Personal Safety from the list.


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Last Updated 29 May 2020





Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation

Handling and Keeping Animals in Schools: Health and Safety Issues

Asbestos Folder Contents
Asbestos Policy for Schools
Asbestos Management - Guidance for Schools
Asbestos Permission to Work Flowchart in schools only
Asbestos Authorising Officers training record
Asbestos briefing Warm air heaters (Jan 2014) in schools only
Asbestos Permission to Work form
Asbestos in Second World War Gas Masks in schools only
Asbestos in Gauzes used in Science  
Audit (Health and Safety):
Safety Audit Monitoring Systems
Audit (Health and Safety) Inspection Checklists:
Governors and Management Inspection Checklist
School site inspection checklist
Curriculum Specific Checklists for KS3 -5




Blind Cord and Chain Risk Assessment

See the Early Years section for information about blind cord safety.

Bloodborne Viruses
Hire and Use of Bouncy Castles




Class Size
Communicable Diseases (and Infection Control)
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) - Risk Assessment Form
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) - Risk Assessment Guidance Notes
Chemical Substance Inventory
Chemical Substance Inventory Example
Managing Contractor Health and Safety
Construction / projects - Pre start up information

See CITB GA 23 Pre construction information template




Design & Technology Health & Safety
DfE Advice on Health and Safety for Schools
Display Screen Equipment
Display Screen Equipment – touchdowns / hot desks
Dogs on School Premises




Electrical socket covers
Evac-Chair Visual Inspection Checklist
Safe Working with Electricity
  • Word 2003, 54kb/3 pages, September 2000, sec_s.doc
Portable Electrical Equipment
Equipment / Power Tools

Risk assessment documents are available under Recommended Assessments at:




Finger Trapping Accidents
First Aid Arrangements in Education Establishments

Please visit the guidance on Fire Safety available on the Grid at:

Firework Displays and Bonfires on School Premises
Food Hygiene Advice



Electrically Powered Gates
Health and Safety for School Governors




Health and Safety DfE guidance : responsibilities and duties
Hot Works Permit in schools only

DfE guidance on Fire risk during school maintenance or building works




Inflatable Play equipment see under B (Bouncy castle)

Infection Control and Communicable Diseases - see under C

Inspection checklists see under A - Audit (H&S) inspection checklists

Induction (Health and Safety)




Legionella Guidance for Premises Managers
Legionella Policy

See under P - Personal Safety and Loneworking

LPG tank annual checklist for schools



Maintenance and Inspection Requirements
Managing Medication in Schools
Manual Handling
Medical Conditions - Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Sample Policy
Minibus Driving Licence Guidance

Model Policy - H&S
see under P- Policies

Mobile Phone Safety





Offsite Visits Manual
The Offsite Visits Manual is available on the Grid link below:

Outdoor Play Equipment
Outdoor Play Equipment Checklist




PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan)
Personal Safety and Loneworking
Physical Education


HCC overarching Health and Safety Policy Statement

CSF Health and Safety Committee
Policies - Model

Model Health & Safety Policy for Schools

Model Establishment Policy for LOtC




Managing Risk in the Curriculum
Risk Assessments




Safe Practice In Swimming Pools
PWTAG code of practice

Details on technical operation of pool based on the 2009 PWTAG book, Swimming Pool Water: treatment and quality standards for pools and spas

PWTAG Typical pool problems

Practical advice from PWTAG's book, Swimming Pool Water. It should ideally be used in conjunction with the book

Safeguarding: Physical Security and Visitor Control
Science - KS3-5
Snow and Ice
Slips, Trips and Falls
Sun Protection

Guidance for schools including policy guidelines on sun protection can be found on the following website:






Trampolining Safety Guidance






Work at Height

Please visit the guidance on work at heights available on the Grid at:

Work Experience FAQ's