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eLearning Services available to Hertfordshire Schools

Schools connected to the Internet via the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning have access to a range of eLearning services which are either hosted on or reached through the HGfL. A list of these services is given below - a Detailed Information page is available which explains more about each of the services.

Digital Divide

It is vitally important that every child in Britain gets access to ICT, not just for a few hours a week in the classroom, but when and where they want, so that every child has the opportunity of advancement in the virtual world. More...


County Art Collection

County Art CollectionThe Hertfordshire County Art Collection contains a catalogue of works of art which schools can, search, preview and reserve online. The service is currently suspended. Latest information June 2014

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Channel Mogo (ages 11-19)

Channel Mogo Hertfordshire's online information site for young people in the county which covers a range of topics related to PSHE & Citizenship.

This inter-active website also offers vidcasts, mp3 downloads, competitions and opportunities for discussion and webchats. It is free to join and provides a safe online community for young people in Hertfordshire.

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E2BN Resources

Pathe NewsThe East of England Broadband Network uses broadband technologies to provide ICT-based resources. Includes Myths and Legends, Making the News, Cookit and Multimedia. Schools can gain access to the E2BN resources through an individual school subscription. More Information Access from Home Start this service

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Hertfordshire OS Maps

Hertfordshire MapsThis contains OS maps covering the whole of Herfordshire from a scale of 1:50,000 down to building level. More information Accessing the service Launch this site


JCS Online Resources

JISC logo and web site linkJCS Online Resources is a not-for-profit initiative that enables schools across the UK to benefit from large discounts on high quality online subscription resources.

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