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Headteacher Support

Headteacher Wellbeing

  Your headteacher is busy looking after everyone else’s wellbeing – staff and students, often at the expense of their own.  Governing bodies may wish to consider how you can support your headteacher in terms of work-life balance, new models of leadership, leadership time, career coaching and professional development opportunities for experience beyond your school. For more information relating to these aspects of headship, look at the leadership strategy information on the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning: 

School Self-Evaluation

The process of school self-evaluation has focussed school leaders on evaluating the school’s performance against a range of aspects.  The Well-Being Programme can form a part of the school’s SEF and provides clear data and analysis on a range of indicators regarding the views of staff.

PPC Carewell Service - PPC Employee Assistance Programme for schools

PPC runs the Carewell Employee Assistance Programme for HCC staff and this is offered to schools to buy in to. It offers online, telephone and face to face counselling on a range of personal and professional themes such as financial advice, relationship and bereavement support, stress counselling, worklife balance, increasing confidence etc and supports both the employee and their family. For more information:ng: