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Induction Resources for Schools

Induction is the supportive process of integrating a new member of staff to the school and is the beginning of the Performance Management process. The aim of induction is to ensure that all colleagues reach a high standard of professionalism, become competent, confident members of staff and contribute to raising standards through their role in school.

There is no one model of what constitutes a ‘good’ induction programme, so included below are examples of induction programmes undertaken in various Hertfordshire schools.  Please feel free to adapt and use them in your own schools.

The schools are:

Wilshere Dacre School - Junior School

Lonsdale School - Mixed

The Highfield School – Secondary

Marriotts School - Secondary

We hope to add new examples on a regular basis and so would very much welcome your programme if you have one.

We have also produced a generic induction checklist that you might find helpful for use in your school.

Lonsdale School - SMSA Induction
The Highfield School - Admin Induction
The Highfield School - Teaching Assistant Induction
Wilshere Dacre Induction Resources
Generic Induction for New Support Staff
Lonsdale School - LSA Induction Booklet


Marriotts School Admin Induction Booklet

This Induction Handbook has been produced by the Director of Administration at Marriotts School.  It is used by all Admin staff at the school as a source of reference and a check that induction is taking place for all new Admin staff.  It has also been adapted for use in other departments within the school. Some information has been removed so that schools can adapt and personalise the handbook by adding information which is of relevance to them.  

Marriotts School - SMSA Induction