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School Business Managers

The future for MATs: Forum 2018 - with guest speaker Martin Post

Aimed at schools leaders whatever their position in the MAT journey so far - for those undecided, those considering forming or joining a MAT, in a newly formed MAT or already established. This is a must for all school leaders, governors and trustees who are looking for support and advice on how to secure the future of their schools.

The MAT Forum from Herts for Learning, is designed as a half-day event aimed to provoke thought, inspire, and give key knowledge on both the progress of MAT’s so far, and the future landscape. The event will have a strong focus on networking and relationship building through speakers providing a national perspective, panel questions and a roundtable workshop.

Key topics are to include Strategic growth, Leadership skills, Sustainable Educational improvement, financial management and governance structures. This half-day event will provide delegates with the opportunity to hear advice on the leadership of a MAT and success criteria to achieve sustainable educational and financial improvement for their schools.

The future for MATs: Forum 2018


School Business Managers Forums

Hertfordshire Primary SBM forum

The Hertfordshire Primary SBM forum has been established for 4 years and has over 90 members. The group meet once per term to discuss a range of business management topics and share best practice. They also support each other in raising standards through regular email and telephone contact. If you are interested in joining and are not already a member, please contact Denise Plociennik:

Hertfordshire Secondary School Business Leaders (HSSBL)

The Hertfordshire Secondary School Business Leaders forum was set up in autumn 2014 in response to requests from headteachers, chairs of governors and business managers. The group meet termly to discuss topical issues affecting school business management, as well as inviting guest speakers to talk about key areas of focus. They provide support to SBMs in helping to raise standards in schools, share best practice and develop a centralised source of information. For further information, please contact HSSBL Chair, Ben Stickley:


Qualifications of School Business Management

Level 4 Diploma in School Business Management

Anglia Ruskin University School Business Management Diploma - L4 Online Learning Diploma accredited by the ILM. Intake for a January start date is still open with applications closing on 13 January 2017.

The Level 4 Diploma is aimed at practising School Business Managers (SBMs), or individuals developing into this role, who are currently performing all or part of the SBM role at either senior administrator or management level.

It enables participants to develop their knowledge, understanding, competencies and confidence in the operational aspects of school business leadership and supports them in understanding the local and political context in which they work. It recognises the importance of effective school business management and the contribution this effectiveness can make to the overall success of the school.

For further information or to apply, please go to:


Level 5 Diploma in School Business Management

The Level 5 Diploma in School Business Management forms part of a suite of school business management qualifications accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

The Level 5 Diploma (previously DSBM) aims to support the professional learning of experienced School Business Managers (SBMs), or individuals with significant business leadership experience who aspire to move into this role, to enhance their contribution to the strategic direction of their school. It is aimed at experienced SBMs who are members of, or work closely with, the school’s senior leadership team (SLT).

"The DSBM course equipped me with confidence, improved awareness of the educational setting, improved business skills, ability to operate at a more strategic level, and improving my approach to handling situations”

Level 5 Diploma provides the opportunity to progress on to the Level 6 Diploma in School Business Management (previously known as ADSBM).

For further information or to apply, please go to:


Level 6 Diploma in School Business Management

The Level 6 Diploma (previously ADSBM) in School Business Management is open to experienced School Business Managers (SBMs) who are working as a member of the senior leadership team (SLT) or those with experience equivalent to this.

In order to undertake the Level 6 Diploma, it is of paramount importance that you are a member of, and have the full support of, the SLT.

The Level 6 Diploma is very much focused on a ‘strategic’ approach and applicants will need to operate strategically. The Level 6 Diploma is designed to support the professional learning of experienced SBMs and builds on the very successful Certificate of School Business Management (CSBM) and Diploma of School Business Management (DSBM).

For further information or to apply, please go to:


School Business Management Briefings

The school business management briefings are held termly for colleagues working in areas such as finance, HR, computing, premises and administration. They are delivered by the Head of Business Management Services, key leaders within Herts for Learning and other external agencies to provide updates on school business management related topics.

The format of the sessions will be four presentations on current issues relating to the business aspects of running a school, followed by an in-depth group discussion on a relevant topic. For further information or to book onto the next briefing, please visit the Business section of our online training course page.

SBM Vacancies

For further information relating to School Business Manager vacancies, please go to: