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Website Support in Hertfordshire

  • Do you need a new website for your school, but lack the skills to build it?
  • Do you want to refresh your website or give it a facelift to signal a new direction for your school?
  • Have you lost control of your website due to staff changes or has it just become too unwieldy?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, please read on…..

  • The School Website Support Service has been building and developing school websites in Hertfordshire for more than ten years
  • We are experienced in building clear and concise websites specifically designed for schools
  • We build the website in partnership with you and mainly on your school premises, saving time and ensuring it meets your needs
  • We can simplify your existing website and make it easier for users to navigate and simpler for administrators to maintain
  • New websites are built using Wordpress which is free to install and can be accessed from anywhere
  • We provide telephone/email/remote access support and one-to-one training so you have the skills to handle ongoing updating in school.
  • We can provide a website audit service to make sure your site is ready for Ofsted and suggest additions or improvements

The support is provided by the School Website Publisher Alison Bellerby.

Support Options Updated 7th July 2017

School Website Support Services Flyer




1. Telephone/email/remote access

£100 annual contract

2. Two half day visits a year + (1)

£425 annual contract

3. New Website + (1)


4. Wordpress updates + (1)

£150 annual contract

5. Half day visit – pay-as-you-go


6. Website Maintenance

£60 per hour

7. Telephone support (non contract)

£15 per 1/4 hour



All of the above charges are for Hertfordshire schools and academies  (VAT will be charged to academies at point of invoice). 

Please note that the School Website Support Service Contracts run annually from 1st April to  31st March, we recommend taking out an annual contract early in the new financial year in order to get the full benefit.

1. Telephone, email and remote support contract

Includes telephone helpline, email and remote support for:

  • troubleshooting and advice
  • guiding you through site setup and help uploading files (Dreamweaver)
  • help with adding images, new pages, template items (Dreamweaver)
  • advice for statutory requirements for websites

Please note this option is for day to day support issues, not for school website maintenance (see item 5) or for website redevelopment for which you may be advised to book a support visit.

Telephone and email support are available at all times but remote access support is only available when I am in the office. Please contact me to arrange a time if you require remote access.

Tel: 01438 844777 (Option 1 and then Option 5)

Please ring and leave a message with the SITSS help desk if your enquiry is urgent.


2. Telephone, email, remote and onsite support contract

Includes two half day (approx 3 hour) visits a year, with telephone helpline, email and remote support

  • advanced troubleshooting
  • enhancing your website by using videos, sound, photo gallery, Facebook,Twitter etc
  • moving the website to a new machine (Dreamweaver)
  • website spring clean - restructuring the website, tidying up files and synchronising
  • one to one training
  • preparing your website for Ofsted


3. Brand new website contract

Includes a new website, telephone helpline, email and remote support. We build your new website with you on your school premises if you are using Dreamweaver but with Wordpress the initial design and set up can be done off-site. Typically visits will be broken down into:

  • a half day initial visit to discuss requirements/structure/look and feel and get started if time
  • a full day to build the site from content collected
  • a half day to complete, upload and provide training
  • a half day to provide extra training and help with problems encountered with maintaining the site

To make best use of the visits, the school should ensure they have allowed enough time between the first two visits to collect all the information required and that the person who will be responsible for updating the site is available for the whole visit. Please note that extra payment may be required if the site takes significantly more than the allocated days. At the end of the contract you will automatically be moved onto contract 2.


Half day initial visit

To guide you through the process of setting up your website you may wish to arrange an appointment for an initial visit. This visit will involve some basic planning and guidance on site structure and content and enables you to focus on the goals and aims of what you want to use the website for.

To prepare for an initial meeting you will need to ensure that you have talked to other members of staff and perhaps parents, governors and children too about how the website might look and what could be included on it. The best way to do this is to visit other school, local partnership or children's centre websites to gather ideas.

Full day to build site

The initial visit is usually followed by a day visit which involves building the website and adding the content which has been collected. The day visit requires the member of staff who is going to be responsible for updating and maintaining the website to work with the School Website Publisher and supply cover may need to be arranged.

Half day visit to finish and upload

A follow up visit will be arranged to add any remaining content, make the website live and provide some basic training for maintenance.

Half Day Training Visit

This is to offer some follow up training and to help iron out any problems.


To book an appointment email in the first instance or tel: 01438 844777 (Option 1 and then Option 5)

4. Wordpress updates + Telephone, email and remote support contract

Includes telephone helpline, email and remote support for:

  • troubleshooting and advice
  • Wordpress maintenance
  • advice for statutory requirements for websites


5. Half day visits on pay-as-you-go basis

These can be used in addition to or instead of options 2 & 3 for support, training or advice.


6. Website maintenance

This service can be provided for schools that have no one available to update their website, either on a one-off or regular basis. The updates will be done off site. If you require a regular updating service e.g. for school newsletters, please contact us to discuss costs and timescales.


7. One-off Telephone Support

If you have not subscribed to the service and require telephone support, please ring, but you will be asked to do one of the following:

  1. Buy into an annual support contract
  2. Pay-as-you-go. You will be billed for telephone support at the rate of £15 per quarter hour (minimum charge £40 to include time and administrative costs )