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November/December 2017

The Exchange

This edition also includes
  • New science resource to help develop young scientists
  • Essential considerations for choosing apps for the classroom
  • Why now is the best time to be a business manager
  • Free network checks available for Hertfordshire schools
  • and much more!
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November/December 2017

The latest issue of the Herts for Learning newspaper, The Exchange, is now available.

This monthly publication brings updates from your Schools Company, outlining forthcoming training, conferences and other events. It features articles on current education news such as the new curriculum, and discussion around topics like teacher research and gifted and talented.  The paper also showcases some of the work of Hertfordshire schools, reporting the latest news from early years through to secondary settings.

Suitable for all school staff, the newspaper is published each month and will arrive in the school post bag.

We welcome any feedback or content suggestions from you and your staff once you have received the first issue.

Please contact our journalist Ryan Fisher at with your feedback or if you would like to be included in future editions.

The Exchange Newspaper used to be called Training Times, for previous issues of Training Times follow the direct link below: