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Archive (June 2012- August 2013

This page contains archive documentation in relation to setting up of ' Herts for Learning Ltd' a schools company limited by shares:


Herts for Learning - New Financial Arrangements with Schools - 10th July 2013

Historically Standards and School Effectiveness (SSE) have charged schools termly in arrears for school improvement and business support services.  As the business changes over to Herts for Learning Ltd on 1st September 2013, one monthly invoice will be issued for all services provided by HfL (with the exception of ad-hoc hardware, consultancy, etc purchased from SITSS).  In line with the new monthly invoice, HfL are requesting that schools and academies sign up to a monthly Direct Debit agreement by taking the following action:

For academies and HCC maintained schools that do not have a Barclays Bank account - in order to set up a Direct Debit with HfL we require you to please complete and sign a Direct Debit agreement and return it to the HfL Finance Team by Friday 19th July 2013


For HCC maintained schools that do have a Barclays Bank account - HCC will automatically set up Direct Debits on your behalf between your school and HfL. Therefore, headteachers and business managers of maintained schools with the pooled Barclays arrangement do not need to take any further action with regard to setting up Direct Debit arrangements.


All of HfL's services (with the exception of publications) will attract VAT at the current rate.  This will be itemised on the VAT invoices which will be sent to schools.  The cost of HfL's services is not increasing, as schools will be able to recover the VAT in the normal way. 

HfL believe that schools and academies will benefit from these new charging arrangements which should simplify the current process and assist with monthly budget management.  If you require any further information about HfL's new financial arrangements with schools please contact the HfL Finance team on 01438 843311.

A letter has been sent from Herts for Learning (HfL) to the Headteachers of all Hertfordshire schools and academies with details of new financial arrangements from 1st September 2013. 


New HfL Non-Executive Director Elected - 27th June 2013

Heather BoardmanThe election for the new HfL non-executive director for the special/ESC sector has now taken place and we are pleased to announce that Heather Boardman (Headteacher, Hailey Hall School) has been elected.  We would like to congratulate Heather on her appointment and give our thanks to all the schools who took part in and supported the election process.






Herts for Learning Shareholder Schools Logo - 21st June 2013

The Herts for Learning logo is available to download in black and white or colour for use on your newsletters, letters, school website etc.

Voting for Non-Executive Directors - Special Schools/ESC Academies

Non-executive directors of the Board of Herts for Learning (HfL) Ltd are elected for a three year term;  but due to unforeseen circumstances, Tracy Healy, non-executive director elected for the special school / ESC academy category has recently resigned. Tracy said:

‘I believe strongly in the work that is to come for the company and wish the Board and the team every success in building the business for the future.’

HfL values the expertise a non-executive Director from a special education/ESC academy background can bring to the Board.  We are very keen to ensure that headteachers or governors who feel they can make a contribution are encouraged to stand for election.

HfL now invites you to:

  • Nominate a non-executive director, closing date 19th June 2013 (CLOSED)
  • Vote for a non-executive director


  • Nominations for non-executive directors open from 9.00am Wednesday 5th June 2013 to 4pm on Wednesday 19th June 2013 (CLOSED)
  • Link to voting form issued Thursday 20th June 2013
  • Voting closes 4pm Wednesday 26th June 2013
  • Results of election announced Thursday 27th June 2013

If you have any queries or comments please contact our team at email:

Nominees for Non-Executive Director - Special Schools/ESC Academies
Voting Form for Non-Executive Director - Special Schools/ESC Academies
Procedures Pack - June 2013
Job Description and Person Specification for Non-Executive Director
Articles of Association - Herts for Learning Limited
Nomination Form - June 2013


Herts for Learning Board Meeting May 2013 - Key Messages

The second meeting of the substantive HfL Board took place on 20th May 2013.

It followed a full briefing where members of the Board received presentations from each HfL business unit and had opportunities to ask questions.

The business units are;

  • Financial Services for Schools
  • Schools HR
  • School IT Systems Support (SITSS)
  • Governance
  • Early Years
  • Primary Achievement
  • Secondary and Special Achievement
  • Company Marketing & Communications
  • Company Finance

The newly established HfL Board found the overview very helpful in understanding the breadth and depth of the business and in identifying some of the key themes for the future attention of the Board.

The meeting itself was largely concerned with establishing systems and procedures for managing the Board’s work and managing the performance of the new Managing Director.

It was decided to meet 5 times in year 1 as a full Board and to set up three sub committees; audit, personnel and remuneration.

The Board was pleased to receive an application from a Herts school to become a shareholder and this was approved, bringing the total number of Herts schools owning shares to 481.

A vacancy has arisen for a Director following the resignation of one member of the Board.  Schools which are Class D shareholders will be sent details of the election process for a new director in the near future.

The next meeting of the Board in July 2013 will consider the company’s business plan and major contracts.

Jan Paine Appointed Managing Director of Herts for Learning Ltd

Herts for Learning Ltd, the new Hertfordshire schools’ company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jan Paine to the post of Managing Director.

Jan PaineJan brings with her an extensive range of educational experience from both the public and private sectors having started her career working in mainstream secondary schools in London before being appointed Executive Headteacher of Haybrook College, an outstanding SEBD (social, emotional and behavioural difficulties) school in Slough.  Jan then went on to work for 4 years as Deputy Director of Children’s Services in Oxfordshire with responsibility for Early Intervention and then Education, and more recently as Director of Improvement Services for Tribal.

"I am delighted to be joining Herts for Learning at this exciting time of preparing for the launch of the new schools’ company in Hertfordshire” said Jan. 

"Standards and School Effectiveness in Hertfordshire is a well-respected and highly successful school improvement service.  Working closely with the Herts for Learning Board and team, one of my main priorities will be to maintain and build on the high quality work that has already been developed as we transform the business into Herts for Learning Ltd on 1st September 2013.”

"All of my work to date has been driven by my passion for working collaboratively to improve outcomes for all children and young people.  I am really looking forward to working with Hertfordshire schools to build relationships and develop new services that support their ongoing and future needs, whilst raising standards of achievement.”



HfL Non-Executive Directors Election Results

The count for the election of non-executive directors in Herts for Learning Ltd was held on 3rd April 2013.  In total across all categories (primary, secondary and special / ESC academies) 166 schools voted.  The count was verified by an independent scrutineer, Michael Scandrett.  A full report will be presented to the Herts for Learning Board at the next meeting.

The successful candidates are:

Primary category:

  • Kim Frazer
  • Amanda Godfrey
  • John Grubb

Special / ESC academy category:

  • Tracey Healy

Secondary category:

  • Chris Ingate
  • Kate Smith

Representing Hertfordshire County Council:

  • Claire Cook
  • Simon Newland
Profiles of the HfL Board of Directors

We would like to extend our congratulations to all of the non-executive directors and look forward to working with them in the coming months.

The Herts for Learning Ltd Board met on the 17th April 2013 for a 'handover' board meeting between the members of the shadow board and the newly elected members and formally ratified the results of the election.

Voting for Non- Executive Directors Opens on 18th March 2013

Details have been collated for all the candidates standing for election as a non-executive director of Herts for Learning Ltd and these can now be viewed below:

Non-Executive Director Candidates - Primary
Non-Executive Director Candidates - Secondary
Non-Executive Director Candidates - Special and ESC Academy


Voting will take place between Monday 18th March and 5pm on Thursday 28th March 2013(Please note that this is a day earlier than previously notified due to 29th March 2013 being Good Friday.) 

As governing bodies are the legal shareholder in a schools’ company, Chairs of Governors will receive an electronic copy of the green voting paper by Monday 18th March 2013.  Although we encourage Chairs of Governors to discuss the candidate selection process with their headteacher, please bear in mind that HfL can only accept voting papers submitted by the Chair of Governors.

Please print a copy of the voting paper and mark it with your choices. 

Please note you can vote for candidates as follows:

Primary: Each shareholder can vote for up to 3 candidates as three non-executive directors from the primary phase will be elected to the board.

Secondary: Each shareholder can vote for up to 2 candidates as two non-executive directors from the secondary phase will be elected to the board.

Special and ESC Academy: Each shareholder can vote for up to 1 candidate as one non-executive director from the special/ESC phase will be elected to the board.

Please ensure your voting paper is signed by an individual who has the authority of the governing body to vote on behalf of the shareholder.

Completed voting papers should be returned to:
Returning Officer, Herts for Learning (SROB300)
Hertfordshire County Council
Farnham House
Six Hills Way

Alternatively, please fax your completed voting paper to 01438 844967.

Due to the volume of votes we are anticipating we regret we will not be able to acknowledge that individual voting papers have been received.

All candidates will be invited to witness the count and a representative from HCC Legal Services will be present to act as scrutineer.  The count is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 3rd April 2013 and the results of the election will be communicated to all Chairs of Governors and headteachers via this page on the Grid, no later than Monday 15th April 2013.

Overwhelming School Support for HfL - 12th February 2013

Last week was the first chance Hertfordshire schools had to demonstrate their support for Herts for Learning by expressing an interest in buying a share in the new schools' company.  We are thrilled with the response and are pleased to report that over 450 schools purchased a share.  Thank you to those schools that responded so promptly.

A shadow board is currently overseeing the establishment of the new company.  The next step in the process is for candidates to stand as a non-executive director between 25th February and 1st March 2013.  An election will take place between 18th March and 29th March 2013 allowing shareholders to vote for a non-executive director from their school phase.

The search has also started to appoint a Managing Director to head up Herts for Learning.  Accountable to a Board of Directors, the Managing Director will lead the new company through transition to ensure that it builds on its significant potential.  This role presents an opportunity to build an innovative new model of school improvement services in a commercial and enterprising context. 

Full details of the Managing Director position, including a job description and person specification can be found on:


Herts for Learning Ltd Procedure Pack

We are now in the final stages of the development of our new schools’ company, Herts for Learning Ltd (HfL). This company will begin trading under the governance of a new Board of Directors from September 2013.

ballot boxThis pack is designed to guide you through the process of becoming a shareholder and being part of this journey.

  • Expressing an interest in buying a share in Herts for Learning Ltd
  • Nominating a non-executive director
  • Voting for a non-executive director

We have listened to feedback from governors and headteachers and reduced the price of a share in Herts for Learning from £100 to £25. We hope that this price reduction will make the purchase of a share more accessible to schools.

The following documents have been sent out to schools but copies can also be downloaded below:

Procedure Pack
Pink Form (to nominate a non-executive director) NOW CLOSED
Job Description and Person Specification for Non-Executive Director NOW CLOSED
Articles of Association - Herts for Learning Limited
Blue Form (to express and interest in buying a share) NOW CLOSED


  • Share subscription expression of interest 4th - 8th February 2013
  • Nominations for non-executive directors 25th February - 1st March 2013
  • Link to voting form issued 18th March 2013
  • Voting closes 5pm 28th March 2013 (amended date due to Good Friday)
  • Results of election and members of Board announced 15th April 2013



Schools Update 2 - January 2013

The latest update for schools on the new schools' company Herts for Learning including:

  • Important dates for your diary
  • Frequently asked questions

herts for learning










Information Pack for Headteachers and Chairs of Governors

We have produced an information pack for Headteachers and Governors to update you on the latest developments.

The information pack will:

  • update you on the proposals to form a schools’ company to deliver school improvement and business support services in the future
  • outline how school and academy governing bodies can buy a share in the company and elect non-executive directors
  • advise you of steps the governing body will be required to take during the autumn 2012 and spring 2013 terms to become a shareholder in the new company

We hope that you find this information useful.  If you have any questions or require any further details please email us at:


Information Pack for Headteachers and Chairs of Governors

Heads and Governors Information Pack



Information Pack - November 2012

*Includes details of the Shadow Board and 2 new FAQs


Job Description and Person Specification for Non-Executive Director


The Companies Act 2006: Directors Guidance



Governors' Conference - 'Re- Presentation' Kit

At the Governors' Conference on the 17th November 2012 we discussed putting together a 're-presentation kit' to help you when you deliver the presentation to other Governors at your school. The kit is available to download below and includes:

The PowerPoint slides that Carole Bennett delivered to you, now with speaker notes:

A PDF version of the same, which you may find easier to print:

A copy of the Headteacher and Governor information pack we referred to during the presentation:

A copy of the 'what SSE currently do' brochure we referred to during the presentation:



Schools Update (June 2012)

The first in a series of updates on the future provision of school improvement services in Hertfordshire, this update includes:

  • The changing relationship between schools and the Local Authority
  • A proposed framework for a schools' company
  • The proposed timescales for the development of a 'Hertfordshire Learning Trust
Schools Update Issue No.1