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Strategic Planning

DSPL Strategic Framework
Strategic Planning Flow Chart
Data and Information Sharing Protocol for the SEND Strategy
DSPL General Principles of Good Parental Engagement
Hertfordshire SEND Strategy - September 2015
SEND Outcomes and Indicators
DSPL Statutory Process Rev
DSPL Agreement

Area Groups Terms of Reference

DSPL Area Groups Terms of Reference. This document sets out the Terms of Reference for the nine DSPL area groups that will deliver the DSPL strategy in each part of the County. These small strategic groups will have real scope for influencing the shape and form of SEND provision and services that they need in their areas.

Area Group Member Roles and Responsibilities

DSPL Area Group Representatives Role Description and Responsibilities
DSPL Role Responsibilities (ISL Manager)
DSPL Role Responsibilities (Chair)
DSPL Role Responsibilities (Manager)



Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms


Steps to Success

Area Delivery Plan Steps to Success

Document Templates

DSPL Strategic Plan and Evaluation Temp

DSPL Exemplification of Principles of Co-production

Monitoring Form 2016-17


Guidance for Setting up a DSPL Website

Guidance for Setting up a DSPL Website