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Required School Policies

Information on all statutory policies that schools must have can be found in the Department for Education's document ' Statutory Policies for Schools' which can be downloaded from:

The following are specific SEND statutory polices and documents required by legislation and apply to  Academies, Free schools, and Maintained schools:

1.Special Educational Needs Policy

Your SEN policy should include ……

Information about the school’s SEN provision

1.         Objectives of the policy
2.         Responsibility for co-ordination of SEN provision
3.         Arrangements for co-ordinating SEN provision
4.         Admission arrangements
5.         Specialist SEN provision
6.         Facilities for pupils with SEN or who are disabled
7.         Allocation of resources for vulnerable pupils, those with SEN or who are disabled

Information about identification and assessment procedures for pupils with SEN

8.         Identification, assessment, monitoring and review of pupil needs and progress
9.       Access to a broad and balanced curriculum curriculum, information and associated services
10.       Inclusion arrangements for pupils with SEN or who are disabled
11.       How governors evaluate the success of provision
12.       Complaints procedure

Staffing policies and school partnerships

13.       Staff  training and professional development for  SEND
14.       Links to support services and school to school support for SEN
15.       Working in partnership with parents
16.       Transition
17.       Links with other agencies, schools and voluntary organisations


2. Accessibility Plans

Accessibility Plans need to include how a school plans to:

  • Increase access to the curriculum for disabled pupils
  • Improve the physical environment to increase access to education and associated services
  • Make improvements in the provision of information for disabled pupils

The following are archived documents on the Department of Education website made available for reference use but should not be considered to reflect current Government policy or guidance:

DfES Accessible Schools Guidance (July 2002):

DfES Accessible Schools Summary Guidance (June 2002)


3. Publication of Equality Information and Objectives

Specific duties requiring schools to publish equality information and objectives. Initially this must be done by 5th April 2012, and then periodically updated.

For more information on disability equality please refer to the Hertfordshire equality toolkit for schools:

4.  SEN Information Report ('School Offer')

All schools are required to develop and publish an SEN Information Report (paragraph 6.79 of the SEN Code of Practice refers).  The following documents provide more information: