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integrated services for learningExceptional Needs Information & Guidance

ENF Panel documents and dates

ENF Panel Dates 18/19
HCC Exceptional Needs Funding Handbook (2019)
ENF Application Form April 2015


Cluster documents and dates

SEN Cluster Meeting Dates Summer Term 2019
SEN Cluster Distribution and DSPL Areas
Local Cluster Front Sheet
Guidance for Mainstream SEN Clusters about the Exceptional Needs Process
Cluster Tips 2017


Indicator of Need Documents

Indicator of Need - Cognition & Learning
Indicator of Need - Communication & Interaction
Indicator of Need - Early Years
Indicator of Need - Sensory Medical & or Physical Needs
Indicator of Need - Social & Emotional Health


Exceptional Needs Conference Papers and other helpful information

1. ENF Conference January-2018 - Presentation
2. Debbie Orton - Presentation
2.1 Refreshed SEND Strategy
3. Targeted Workstream Update
3.1 Targeted Workstream Update
3.2 Revised Herts SEN Strategy - Graphic
3.3 Strategic Vision for Specialist Provision Workstream
3.4 Next Phase Specialist Provision Workstream
4. Early Years SEND Funding - Presentation
5. ENF Training - Presentation


Children with additional health needs : support

Children with Additional Health Needs: Provision of ‘Health’ Funding for Mainstream Schools and Early Years Settings in East and North Hertfordshire.
Supporting pupils in school with medical conditions