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Key Documents, Forms and Templates




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Send Reforms

Hertfordshire (SEND) Strategy - September 2015

A strategy explaining the future of SEND in Hertfordshire

20 questions about the SEND Reforms

Frequently asked questions about the 2014 SEND Reforms

Code of Practice (DfE) - August 2014

The new 0-25 SEND Code of Practice


DfE guides related to SEND

A library of resources from the DfE

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

A note explaining Dispute Resoultuion and Mediation around SEND provision

Graduated Approach presentation

A useful guide to the Graduated Approach

SEND reforms leaflet

A leaflet aimed at parents outlining the SEND reforms

The code of practice, the local offer and schools

Extract from the Code of Practice realted to the Schools Offer (SEN Information Report)

Personal Budgets

Explaining Personal Budgets

A concise guide to Personal Budgets

Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Statutory EHC Needs Assessment Guidance

This document outlines the Hertfordshire guidance for considering requests for an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment

EHC Assessment request form

Form to be completed by professionals and parents when requesting an assessment

EHC Assessment request guidance

Guidance on completing the request form

EHC Assessment ‘At a Glance’

This document is a guide to the EHC assessment process

Education Advice Form

This template is to be completed by schools when asked for education information/advice for the EHC assessment

Education, Health and Care Plan template

The SEN team will write up the EHC plan

Written Feedback template

This will be provided to the family where it is decided that an EHC Plan is not required

EHC Annual Review ‘At a Glance’

This document is guide to the annual review of the EHC plan

EHC Annual Review Documentation

This document is for schools to complete when carrying out an annual review of an EHC plan

EHC Annual Review Tips for Schools and Settings

Tips for schools and settings for when they are carrying out an annual review of an EHC plan

Exceptional Needs Funding (ENF)

Exceptional Needs Funding application form

Application form for Exceptional Needs Funding

SEN Information Report

Guidance for School Offer template

Guidance on completing your School Offer (SEN Information Report)

School offer template

A template for completing your School Offer (SEN Information Report)

Schools offer briefing note

A note explaining the Schools Offer (SEN Information Report)


Transition at a glance

A guide showing how schools and colleges work with young people as they move on to college