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Disclaimer - New National Curriculum

The current national curriculum programmes of study for science at key stages 1 and 2 have been disapplied with effect from 1 September 2013 for pupils in years 3 and 4 and are no longer statutory in relation to those year groups. This means that schools are free to develop their own curriculums for science that best meet the needs of their pupils, in preparation for the introduction of the new national curriculum from September 2014

Science remains a compulsory national curriculum subject at all 4 key stages, and the existing programmes of study and attainment targets remain statutory for pupils in years 1, 2, 5 and 6 in 2013 to 2014, because they will underpin the statutory key stage 1 and 2 tests in 2014 and 2015. New statutory programmes of study and attainment targets will be introduced from September 2014 for all year groups except years 2 and 6: for those year groups, the new curriculum will take effect from September 2015.

For more information visit the DfE website:

Please note: The information on this page was originally put together to support the old QCA schemes of work for Science. Teachers may find some of the links to resources still useful but the units of work no longer apply and you should independently verify the accuracy of the information yourself before placing any reliance upon it.


Assessment News

Assessment & Reporting Arrangements
Assessment without Levels: An Update from Herts For Learning New

The new National Curriculum, which becomes statutory in September 2014, does not make any reference to ‘levels’ as a means for assessing pupil progress.  Advisers working across Herts for Learning Ltd are currently in the process of developing guidance and tools to support schools with assessment in the new National Curriculum.


Science APP




Schools could use the tracking document to record APP assessments for pupils in a whole class. This document might make it easier for class teachers to record judgements during a lesson when they are moving around different groups of pupils and listening in to conversations. It would also allow records to be passed between teachers as pupils move up the school.

Materials to support the introduction of primary science APP in schools

The excel overview document will help you locate topics in each year group

These can be used to support in-school moderation and for creative and innovative ideas for teaching and learning.

Science assessment guidelines

Attainment Criteria



Attainment Criteria




Sc1 Attainment Record

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by Levels

Miscellaneous Documents



Strategies for gathering scientific evidence

QCA Expectations



End of Unit Expectation Levels

QCA Expectation Record

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QCA Extended Unit Expectation Record



Tracking Tools



Setting up Tracking Systems in Excel