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Asbestos found in Ceramic Gauzes

Recent guidance from CLEAPPS (3rd September 2018) suggests that schools should take precautionary action regarding the use of gauzes on tripods’. Please ensure that your science department is aware of the CLEAPSS advice in light of the press release from the HSE regarding asbestos in gauzes last week. It’s important to remember that the risks associated with these gauzes are still low, the HSE have raised concerns over 2 particular suppliers who will be contacting all affected customers. In the meantime the CLEAPPS guidance outlines a precautionary approach which schools should adopt.

Further updates and guides will be released, on the CLEAPSS website. So please do check regularly for updates.



Be Safe Resource

Be Safe - 4th Edition (9780863574269)

An indispensible and bestselling resource – every primary school needs at least one copy!


  • advice on risk assessment
  • food hygiene
  • studies outside the classroom
  • advice on making things safely
  • safe use of chemicals, animals and plants
  • managing health and safety


Health & Safety Notice – February 2010

Includes FAQs:

  • Do I need a departmental Health and Safety policy? 
  • How should access to Laboratories be controlled?
  • What risk assessments do I need to complete?
  • What format should these risk assessments take?

Radiation Protection

CLEAPSS released an updated L93 booklet in September 2008. This contains new materials for auditing and recording schools radioactive sources. The booklet can be accessed from the CLEAPSS website ( you will need your username and password) or through the CLEAPSS CDROM. Please see section 5 of the guide for the new auditing forms.

Schools are asked to support the LA to keep records up to date by completing and returning the form 5.9 with details of all sources kept on site.

Schools should ensure that all new teachers are trained in the use of radioactive sources.

The Radiation supervisor should change the old local rules sheet with the new Standard Operating Procedures (see p43 of the guide), which should always accompany radioactive sources and associated practical equipment when used by teachers in the classroom.

The information below will be needed by schools in order to complete their new SOP:

  • The LA RPA is Niall Higbee, who is available through the CLEAPSS RPA service.
  • The LA RPO is Joanna Conn, address as on contacts page.
  • The hospital can be your local hospital.

All school-based Radiation Protection Supervisors are required to attend training on a three yearly cycle. To find out about local courses please use the CLEAPSS website.

Schools’ Chemical & Waste Disposal Annual Exercise December 2017

Herts CC no longer provides the collection and contracting service for schools in the area.

Schools should use the CLEAPSS document PS005 to identify local contractors who can arrange collection and disposal of school chemical waste.