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Sex and Relationships Education Summit

Event date: 10th March 2017

The fully funded SRE Summit for Hertfordshire’s primary, secondary and special schools will showcase the national and local context and best practice in Sex and Relationships Education.

This conference will provide opportunities for schools to review curriculum models (as requested by schools attending the 2015 summit) as well as considering the need to teach safeguarding through PSHE/SRE as recommended in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2015.

In addition there will be displays and input from local and national providers on inclusion in SRE, pupil voice and peer to peer abuse and we will consider the delivery of key curriculum content, including puberty, love, consent, honour based violence, FGM, forced marriage and domestic violence.

National speakers from the PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum.

Venue: Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage

Book online using conference code 16PSE/016A

For further information, please contact 01438 845111 or email


PSHE Programme - Jigsaw PSHE

Jigsaw PSHE is a comprehensive PSHE Programme from Foundation 1 and 2 up to year 6. The scheme of work provides a structured and developmental PSHE programme focused on building emotional literacy and social skills within a whole-school approach. It places mindfulness at the heart of its lessons using calm me sections of its lessons. Over 20 schools in Hertfordshire are currently using this resource. For further information please see:

Teaching SRE with Confidence in Secondary Schools’ from CWP Resources achieves PSHE Association Quality Mark

These resources coupled with their primary resources offer schools a robust set of lesson plans and resources to support teachers delivering Sex and Relationship Education Lessons.

Sexual Health Training Group

Courses for those working with young people.

Autumn 2016
Talking to Young People about Sex and Relationships

Thursday 6th October – HDC
Thursday, 8th December - HDC
Duration: One Day

Working with LGBT Young People and Sexual Health

Wednesday, 21st September – HDC
Wednesday, 30th November - HDC
Duration: One Day

Let’s Talk about Sex, Pressures, Media and Social Networks

Tuesday, 4th October - HDC
Duration: One Day

Booking Form

For anymore information concerning these three course please email

Sex and Relationships Education Digest May & July 2016

A new monthly digest of education news for SRE for Hertfordshire schools

Updated Government safeguarding guidance

The Government's statutory safeguarding guidance for schools: 'Keeping children safe in education; statutory guidance for schools and colleges' has been updated (May 2016) and will commence from 5 September 2016. Under 'Opportunities to teach safeguarding' (point number 68) the guidance states that:

'Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure children are taught about safeguarding, including online, through teaching and learning opportunities, as part of providing a broad and balanced curriculum. This may include covering relevant issues through personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), tutorials (in FE colleges) and/or – for maintained schools and colleges – through sex and relationship education (SRE).'

The updated guidance puts stronger emphasis on teaching about safeguarding and the role of SRE in doing so.

The guidance commences from September 2016. There are a number of simple steps that primary and secondary schools can take to review and update your teaching about safeguarding. For example:

  • Does learning about keeping safe begin early in primary school?
  • Do pupils know when it is good or bad to keep secrets and how to get help how?
  • Is learning about consent woven into the SRE programme in primary and secondary school?
  • Find out if secondary school age pupils feel that the current SRE programme adequately addresses learning about sexual consent using a simple survey or focus group discussion.

For further support, Herts for Learning offers training on SRE across the Primary school and for secondary schools on Preventing Teenage Relationship Abuse (including work around ‘Consent’). Contact for more information. Or for a wider view of safeguarding education, attend the Anti-abuse Curriculum training in HDC on 4th July. An SRE Summit will be held in March 2017. Details to be confirmed.

UN recommendation for mandatory SRE

The UN recommendation appears in the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Concluding observations on the fifth periodic report of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (June 2016). The full recommendation is as follows:

'The Committee recommends that the State party ensure that meaningful sexual and reproductive health education is part of the mandatory school curriculum for all schools, including academies, special schools and youth detention centres, in all areas of the State party. Such education should provide age-appropriate information on: confidential sexual and reproductive health-care services; contraceptives; prevention of sexual abuse or exploitation, including sexual bullying; available support in cases of such abuse and exploitation; and sexuality, including that of LGBT children’.

Sex and Relationships Education Digest May 2016

A new monthly digest of education news for SRE for Hertfordshire schools

Working with external agencies to deliver sex and relationships programmes in schools

Some schools have enquired about protocols for engaging with external providers to complement the taught PSHE curriculum on issues such as Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) provision. It is worth saying that if a provider is offering ‘free’ support or indeed, chargeable support to schools then please consider carefully where the funding is coming from and whether there may be a particular slant they may want to promote in their work with your children and young people. This slant may or may not sit well with your school’s SRE policy and approach. It is worth considering what you would like them to cover in quite a lot of detail before they arrive as it would be good practice to seek parental consent if sensitive issues are being covered. We want to ensure age-appropriate content is delivered in our schools by excellent providers that follow the DfE guidance. Any organisation or individual, therefore, offering services to deliver SRE in schools should therefore be encouraged to work alongside teaching staff, supporting the planned delivery of any curriculum activity.

The attached information has been created by HCC and represents good practice in working with external providers. We have decided it would be helpful to circulate this to our PSHE co-ordinators and Healthy Schools. We hope that this helps you to devise protocols and approaches to make use of external support that may be available for your school. It goes without saying that we recommend that you follow safeguarding procedures at all times ensuring that visitors are supervised by school staff and that pupils are not left alone with visitors.

I thought it would be worth reminding you at this point of HfL’s offer. If you need any help with developing your SRE policy or practice, or wish to attend an SRE training session such as the SRE Champions courses, please see the attached brochure and book on to surgery sessions or course. This SRE Champions course and surgery session is free to schools to attend, HCC funded, to support you in this important area of the curriculum.

Working with External Agencies to Deliver Sex and Relationships Programmes in Schools
Hertfordshire’s Sexual Health Newsletter April 2016

Here is a newsletter packed with interesting articles for Hertfordshire professionals working in the field of sexual health.

Sex Education Forum’s Survey Updated 02/02/16

Thank you to any of the schools that encouraged participation in the Sex Education Forum’s survey. Please see the following for the survey outcomes.

Consent Metaphor

This is a really simple and helpful explanation of consent.



6 March 2015 : Ofsted have produced a Good practice example showing involvement of families in relationships and sex education

Sex and Relationships Education Digest Feb/March 2015

A new monthly digest of education news for SRE for Hertfordshire schools

News: 30 September 2014 - Nicky Morgan backs new resource for Primary SRE produced by the End Violence Against Women Coalition

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has endorsed a sex education factsheet for schools which includes information about rape, domestic violence, pornography, female genital mutilation and online sex abuse.

The resource can be found at:

For Primary colleagues looking at their SRE curriculum HfL can offer the following opportunities:

1 Hour 1:1 consultations at either Apsely or HDC with Karen Summers on specific dates (Contact for more information)

NSPCC/Childline assemblies and workshops for years 5 & 6 – age appropriate teaching about abuse  


SRE for the 21st Century - Advice for Schools February 2014

Three of the country's leading experts in Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) have launched Supplementary Advice (28 February 2014) to complement the Government's statutory guidance on SRE, and to support teachers in improving the delivery of the topic in schools.

Brook, the PSHE Association and the Sex Education Forum collaborated on the production of the advice, which provides information to teachers on topics that are missing from current Guidance published in 2000, including issues about pornography, the safe use of technology, sexual consent, violence and exploitation.

The Supplementary Advice is supported by the DfE and a range of other government, education and voluntary sector stakeholders.

The Advice is also available:


Young Pride in Herts website
Young Pride in Herts website

This site provides information on a wide range of local and national organisations to support young LGB&T people in socialising and staying safe. 

Signpost your LGB&T young people to the website and put a link on your own school website to demonstrate that you are LGB&T aware.