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RSE Practical Lesson Delivery Advice for Teachers

What should I cover in RSE?

Teachers delivering RSE should cover the PSHE Programme of Study.

The Sex Education Forum has also devised from research age appropriate topics that should covered:

This includes themes such as:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Puberty changes
  • Friendship
  • Naming of parts
  • Love and relationships
  • Types of families
  • sex
  • STIs
  • Contraception
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Abortion, (Marie Stopes, BPAS and Brook provide information nationally in addition to Sexual Health Herts)
  • Online safety including sexting, grooming, pornography and CSE, (CEOP and see links on Child Sexual Exploitation in Hertfordshire)
  • FGM
  • Forced marriage
  • domestic violence
Relationships and Sexual Health Toolkit

This toolkit is for all professionals working with young people in Hertfordshire. It contains information on how to talk to young people about sex and relationships, including how to deal with common issues such as STIs, pregnancy, contraception, sex and the law, confidentiality, sexuality and relationships concerns.

It also contains links to sexual health services in Hertfordshire, so you can make young people aware of the services available to them, and be sure you are signposting young people to the right help at the right time.

How do I tackle LGBT issues and meet the Equalities Duty placed on all schools?

All RSE should be delivered in an LGBT inclusive way and signposting young people where to obtain additional information, sexual health clinics & contraceptive access and emergency contraception support. Below is a list of useful websites to ensure that you have the knowledge, skills and understanding to explain RSE and support young people in this field.

HfL provide training and support for teachers and PSHE Coordinators planning their SRE programmes on all of the above issues. We run training sessions for parents and workshops for pupils.


What clip can I show to young people to accompany a condom demonstration lesson?


Where do I signpost students to?


How do I teach about STIs and where do I find the information to signpost?

When covering STIs, be sure not to use shock tactics (research says young people do not learn effectively using shock tactics) and make it clear that not all STIs have any symptoms at all, such as Chlamydia. Emphasize that condoms offer greatest protection from STIs but that any form of sexual activity carries risks and that local clinics provide testing for STIs:


I am not sure about contraception choices and sexual health. Where else can I find information?

Excellent sources of information on sexual health so that prior to a lesson you can refresh your knowledge, can also be found on national websites:


How do I let young people know where to seek information about emergency contraception and where do I find out information?

In terms of emergency contraception, it is important to view the information on key websites, such as Sexual Health Hertfordshire to ensure that you are familiar with the latest developments. It is vitally important that young people understand where to go to access emergency contraception in the event of contraceptive failure or lack of use.


How do I cover issues surrounding Consent and Sexual Assault?
National Guidance – Consent
  • To help you to teach teenagers to understand “what is consent?” see the resources - Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault
  • Herts SARC offers support to those who have experienced sexual abuse/violence, either recently or in the past


What about FGM? Where do I get information about this?
Online Safety:

HfL staff provide pupil, teacher and parent workshops on keeping safer online. Please contact the team through:

CEOP Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency have created a wealth of advice, support, lesson plans and materials to support the teaching of CSE, online safety, grooming, sexting, pornography etc.

Videos available to support Think u Know lessons:

Hertfordshire County Council would welcome your feedback on these updated RSE pages which were commissioned especially for Hertfordshire schools.