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RSE Policy Development

How do I create a RSE Policy? Who Can help?

Herts for Learning believes that an RSE policy needs to be reflective of the needs of the school. It is for this reason that a model policy is not provided. The PSHE Association (for its members) provides questions and prompts to encourage a policy review. A school when writing their policy must show due regard to the DfE SRE Guidance 2000:

The school is encouraged to consult widely with pupils, parents and staff.

HfL would be happy to visit your school to provide you with detailed guidance for reviewing your policy and ensuring that it is reflective of robust RSE. We also offer parent workshops and advice on undertaking consultation. Please contact:

The Sex Education Forum provide a purchased guidance document to support schools.

Hertfordshire County Council would welcome your feedback on these updated RSE pages which were commissioned especially for Hertfordshire schools.