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National Documents RSE Guidance and Data

Maintained schools must show due regard to the guidance in this document (up for renewal as published in 2000). This should be referenced in curriculum planning and in a school’s policy.

This guidance does not have statutory status but has a forward by Nick Clegg, the ex-deputy Prime Minister. It is regarded as good practice and updates the SRE 2000 document:

An Ofsted Report on the state of PSHE in UK schools from 2012.

House of Commons Education Committee Life lessons: PSHE and SRE in schools Fifth Report of Session 2014–15

Sex and Relationships Education in Schools (England) House of Commons briefing paper 2017


It is helpful to reference local and national data in the area of RSE. Below are some key links.

Your school would benefit from taking part in HRBQ (Health Related Behaviours Questionnaire). For further information please contact:


The HRBQ and other reports are at:

Herts Health profiles:

You can look specifically at children and young people on here in relation to conceptions, STIs and other health data.


Health Behaviour in School Age Children Survey (WHO):

For data and infographics:

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