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Hertfordshire Smokefree Schools

Hertfordshire Smokefree Schools

Being a Smokefree School is more than just prohibiting smoking on the school premises. The Smokefree Schools programme adopts a whole school approach that involves taking action to prevent students from starting to smoke and supporting students and staff who already smoke to give up. This is all part of the vast agenda of work Hertfordshire’s Tobacco Control Alliance is doing to reduce regular and occasional smoking in 15 year olds to 5% by 2018 from a baseline of 10% in 2014.

Hertfordshire Smokefree Schools is a free programme for all schools in Hertfordshire. Schools wishing to take part will need to sign up to the following:

  • Enforcing no smmoking by anyone anywhere on school premises or during school activities
  • Displaying clear 'Smokefree school' signs on school premises
  • Displaying smoking prevention promotional material in the school
  • Committing to giving support to students found to be smoking to encourage and help them to quit
  • Committing to sending communication to parents when a student is found to be smoking for the second time
  • Committing to an education programme on smoking prevention and use of ecigarettes

Any school signing up to become a Smokefree School will receive an initial resource pack including window stickers, information leaflets and booklets aimed at young people. Secondary schools will also receive one to one training for their Smokefree Champion.

For more information and to apply, please download the:

Primary School Smokefree School Toolkit
Secondary School Smokefree School Toolkit
Application form

For more information on the Hertfordshire Smokefree Schools programme or to sign up please contact the Vulnerable Young People Policy Team at or on 01438 845230.