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Parental Awareness

Parental Drug & Alcohol Awareness Workshops 2017/18

Making choices about drugs and alcohol can begin earlier then many parents / carers realise, with some children exposed before they leave primary school. HCC Parental Drug & Alcohol Awareness Workshops provide useful, practical information about drugs, alcohol and the law, along with tips on how to have positive conversations at home to help reduce the risks and encourage healthy choices.

Adaptable for primary and secondary schools, last years workshops engaged with over 1,800 parents / carers, making it the most popular of its type in the county. Feedback was positive with 100% saying that they would recommend it to others and over 80% saying that they felt more confident talking to their children at home afterwards.

‘Every school should offer this to parents, it should be in every school every year.’ (Parent, Ashlyns School, Berkhamstead)

Updated to use information from the Hertfordshire Health Related Behaviour Survey 2016, this workshop offers parents a genuine insight into the trends and substance misuse patterns of over 8,000 pupils across the county.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • Increased awareness about a range of drugs and alcohol (including cannabis, cocaine and psychoactive substances)
  • A basic understanding of the laws that control drugs in the UK
  • Considered how and why young people might choose to drink alcohol or take drugs, despite the health risks
  • Discussed how to build resilience and talk to children at home about drugs and alcohol
  • Information about where to go for support and advice in Hertfordshire.

To book a Parental Drug Awareness Workshop at the subsidised rate of £260.00 or to discuss the newly updated workshop in more detail please email giving the name of your school.

This promotion is available to all schools in Hertfordshire for workshops if they book before the end of March 2018.


Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed by Hertfordshire County Council to support primary and secondary schools in Hertfordshire in delivering in-house Parental Drug Awareness Workshops. It includes a detailed guide for schools advising on how to organise and deliver their own workshops, a PowerPoint presentation, accompanying lesson plan, Drugs Information Sheet and evaluation forms.

For more information on this toolkit, and to request support in delivering parental awareness workshops, please contact:

Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshop Toolkit Update
Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Flyer
Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Information
Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Presentation