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Parental Awareness

Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed by Hertfordshire County Council to support primary and secondary schools in Hertfordshire in delivering in-house Parental Drug Awareness Workshops. It includes a detailed guide for schools advising on how to organise and deliver their own workshops, a PowerPoint presentation, accompanying lesson plan, Drugs Information Sheet and evaluation forms.

For more information on this toolkit, and to request support in delivering parental awareness workshops, please contact:

Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshop Toolkit Update
Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Flyer
Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Information
Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Presentation


Book a Parental Drug Awareness Workshop for 2017 at a discount price

The free HCC Parental Drug Awareness Workshops for 2016/17 are now fully booked. Whilst this is great for the 50+ primary and secondary schools that did secure a workshop it does mean that we have a growing waiting list. To try and meet demand for this highly popular workshop and show our commitment to informing parents, Hertfordshire County Council are now offering schools the opportunity to book a Parental Drug Awareness Workshop at a subsidised rate of £260.00.

The latest workshop, which reflects recommendations from teachers and parents, will provide essential drugs and alcohol information followed by an opportunity to ask questions. This aims to increase parents/carers basic knowledge and confidence in talking about this important topic with their children, as well as knowing where to go for help and support if needed.

Vanessa Rogers, a qualified teacher and UK specialist in PSHE education, will facilitate the workshops. Vanessa is experienced in working with parents and carers, as well as providing INSET training for teachers and other professionals. Feedback from parents attending previous workshops shows an appreciation of her down-to-earth style, as well as her knowledge and non-judgemental approach. A previous HCC Drugs Education Advisor for the county, you can find out more by looking at her website

What parents can expect:

  • An engaging workshop that provides high quality, up-to-date information about alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and ‘legal highs’ (Novel Psychoactive Substances)
  • A question and answer session at the end of the workshop
  • Informal advice on engaging children in positive conversations about the risks of substance misuse
  • Information about where to go for additional support and guidance in Hertfordshire.

What schools can expect:

  • A high quality professional workshop that provides basic information about substance misuse
  • Templates for letters home to publicise the workshop and evaluation forms
  • An opportunity for teachers to learn alongside an experienced schools advisor in a familiar environment
  • Increased awareness about current drug and alcohol concerns and legislation.

The workshop has received positive feedback from parents of both primary and secondary age pupils.

‘Every school should offer this to parents, it was good fun as well as giving me loads of information I need.’ (Parent, Ashlyns School)

‘I have been worrying about how to talk about alcohol, especially now in Year 10 when they are starting to go to parties. I feel more confident now, thank you.’ (Foster Carer, The Beaumont School)

‘I think it is really important to have basic information now, whilst the children are still little. Forewarned is forearmed!’ (Parent, Ponsbourne St. Mary Primary)

‘About 20% of our families (mainly representative of KS2) - including a good representative mix of our diverse community - attended the event. Feedback that I have received has been excellent. It has also raised a positive awareness about what we teach in school in relation to drugs and alcohol.’ (Headteacher, St Margaret Clitherow Roman Catholic Primary School)

This promotion is available to all schools in Hertfordshire for workshops if they book before the end of July 2017.

To reserve your place please email giving the name of your school and your preferred date.

Please note that individual support cannot be offered to parents during or after workshops and all conversations will take place within HCC’s confidentiality and safeguarding boundaries.