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2014 National Curriculum

The Secretary of State for Education published the new national curriculum framework, including the programmes of study, on 11th September 2013 which came into force from September 2014.

The curriculum for all key stages is available from:

Herts for Learning offers a programme of support to assist schools with the implementation of the national curriculum takes the form of central training and bespoke in-school support.

Contact the Primary Teaching & Learning Team for the latest information on support for the new national curriculum.


Primary National Curriculum

In the academic year 2014-2015, pupils in Years 2 and 6 should be taught the current programme of study in English, mathematics and science. These pupils will sit the current key stage 1 and key stage 2 tests respectively. New tests will be available from 2016. From September 2015, the new national curriculum for English, mathematics and science will come into force for years 2 and 6 and new tests will be available from 2016.

For this academic year the current national curriculum programme of study, attainment targets and statutory assessment arrangements will be disapplied for English, mathematics and science for pupils in years 3 and 4 and all foundation subjects for pupils at key stage 1 and 2.

This means that schools will still be required to teach the relevant subjects, but will have the freedom to adjust their curriculum to help prepare for the introduction of the new curriculum from September 2014.


PA Plus Web Subscription Package

The new National Curriculum brings various challenges for schools, not least in mid-term planning for core subjects, includingPa Plus English and mathematics, as well as assessment and early years.

To support this Herts for Learning has developed a suite of resources, the PA Plus Web Subscription Package , which contains material focussed on the new curriculum and provides new approaches to mid-term planning.

The resources are available to schools via a new web subscription service, which will enable all staff within a school to download the materials applicable to their teaching role from the Herts for Learning website. For more information please visit:

Other Resources

DfE Suggested Materials for the New Primary Curriculum

Each subject group has a range of advice and materials relating to the primary national curriculum (statutory from September 2014), these materials will be updated on a regular basis.

DfE 28th Feb 2014: National curriculum: video interviews for schools

Members of the expert groups who contributed to the design of the new curriculum speak about using the new national curriculum and how schools can prepare for the changes.

n.b To view YouTube videos from within a Hertfordshire school you need to have web filtering, Web Factor 1 set up.

National Curriculum and Assessment from September 2014: Information for Schools (Oct 2013)

Information for schools on support and resources available for implementing the new curriculum.

Citizenship and the New Curriculum