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School staff who have recently attended training by the MFL team have commented:


"Individual points/problems discussed. Trainer very knowledgeable. It has re-sparked my love of French – thank you."


"Many thanks again for your ‘tips’ today- I feel we have specific things to work on and it’s manageable, hurrah!"

On TrackOn Track

Inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, On Track is a time-saving, one-stop collection of 30 inspirational ideas and activities that can be used with all key stages. More....


Yvonne Kennedy is the Herts for Learning Languages Adviser and can offer bespoke training, support and guidance on all aspects of languages for both primary and secondary schools.

She is passionate about improving and enhancing students’ experience of languages, and has over thirty years experience as a classroom teacher, and a proven track record of leadership as a Head of Modern Foreign Languages, as an associate member of SLT, as well as a very successful International Coordinator in Essex, Havering and Hertfordshire schools.

Yvonne specialises in supporting language teachers across Key Stages 1 to 5, working with NQTs, foreign language assistants and classroom teachers, through to Heads of MFL and senior leaders to ensure that students across Hertfordshire maximise their potential in their Modern Foreign Languages studies. 

In addition to this, Jackie keeps abreast of all new initiatives and leads sessions for students including GCSE booster classes and master classes for more able learners.

Yvonne Kennedy
Languages Consultant
Tel: 01438 845111

She is co author of the very successful ‘On Track’ MFL resource and was a Links into Languages trainer.

Training and CPD for languages in Hertfordshire has been acknowledged nationally as best practice. By attending training, or organising CPD in your school, teachers will be able to deliver high quality teaching and learning in MFL.     

To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact:
Andrea Cowie
Administrative support - Languages Adviser
Tel: 01438 844822






MFL School Based Support / CPD

The MFL Adviser can provide school based support and CPD for both primary and secondary phases.

This menu is not intended to be an exhaustive list and if you would like something not mentioned, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lorrainne Edge
Administration Assistant for Modern Foreign Languages
Tel: 01438 843445


Interactive teaching and learning in MFL

Developing the quality of teaching languages and making learning more challenging, engaging and relevant to pupils. Choose from KS3, KS4 or KS5.

Approx. time required:
3 hours

Creativity in the new secondary curriculum

Developing the new secondary curriculum in MFL and offering creative opportunities for cross curricular materials.

Approx. time required:
3 hours

Choosing a new GCSE specification

Presenting a summary of the new specifications (their strengths andweaknesses) and planning the work that will be undertaken to ensure effective implementation.

Approx. time required:
1.5 hours

Developing vocational courses

Presenting a summary of the vocational courses and alternatives to GCSE in MFL.

Approx. time required:
1.5 hours

Developing the international dimension in school

This training can be adapted according to need - to initiate or develop current work.

Approx. time required:
3 hours

Developing differentiation and challenge in MFL lessons

Exploring strategies to meet the needs of all pupils and to stretch the more able linguists.

Approx. time required:
3 hours

Developing literacy in MFL

Introducing different strategies to promote literacy development in writing (audience and purpose), reading for meaning and speaking for understanding.

Approx. time required: 3 hours

Using new technologies to enhance MFL learning

Presenting a variety of new technologies (podcasting, movie maker etc.) to engage learners.

Approx. time required:
3 hours



Developing the role of the MFL subject leader

A session for subject leaders to explore the role in terms of monitoring teaching and learning and leading developments.

Approx. time required:
3 hours

Writing a MFL SEF and action plan

A session for the MFL subject leader, examining how to complete a subject SEF, where to find the evidence to support judgements and how this should lead into action planning.

Approx. time required:
3 hours

MFL subject review

A detailed review of teaching and learning in MFL, leadership and management and standards. Followed by a detailed written report with key points for action.

Approx. time required:
1 - 2 days

Developing the MFL curriculum

Reviewing and developing new schemes of work to meet the needs of the school and pupils.

Approx. time required:
Each session requires 3 hours

In-class coaching and lesson planning

This session is aimed at NQTs, GTPs, classroom teachers and HLTAs.

Approx. time required:
Each session requires 2 lesson periods

Energising Year 7


A session exploring strategies to meet the needs of all learners, to ensure progression at the transition stage. Reviewing and developing schemes of work to accommodate prior knowledge and discussion on national, regional and local case studies, culminating in the production of resources.

Approx. time required:
3 hours


An opportunity to carry out joint observations and feedback with the MFL Adviser (with the agreement of colleagues). This will help moderate judgements, give effective feedback, focus on issues arising and provide support.

Approx. time required:
2-3 hours

Reviewing schemes of work

A session to review schemes of work at any key stage with MFL teachers.

Approx. time required:
2-3 hours


MFL Training / Consultancy

Below are some examples of how the MFL Adviser can help you. We will be happy to put together a bespoke package for you around any of the themes below. Please contact us to discuss your needs:

Andrea Cowie
Administrative support - Languages Adviser
Tel: 01438 844822


Raising Standards

We can provide high quality bespoke training, consultancy and guidance for senior leaders, subject leaders, teachers and governors to support them with raising standards in Modern Foreign Languages, International work and across the curriculum. Some specific areas of guidance include:

  • Using innovative strategies and resources to raise achievement and promote active engagement.
  • Reviewing the impact of teaching and learning through lesson observations, monitoring of teacher planning, audit of resources and pupil voice.
  • For subject leaders, exploring the role in terms of monitoring teaching and learning, action planning plus leading developments.
  • Planning an innovative curriculum to engage, motivate and improve pupil progress.
  • Exploring strategies to meet the needs of all pupils and to stretch the more able linguists.
  • Moderate examination assessments and end of key stage levels and enable teachers to plan appropriate targets for development.

Subject Leadership

The Modern Foreign Languages adviser can provide training packages which develop subject knowledge to enhance the quality of teaching and impact positively upon progress for all learners. The Adviser is passionate about making a difference to children’s learning and has a proven track record in developing:

  • an enriched MFL curriculum
  • spontaneous  talk, and communicating actively in the target language
  • developing language skills in the context of the creative curriculum
  • developing thinking skills through MFL
  • improved progression in MFL
  • creative approaches to MFL
  • planning for engagement and progression
  • planning exciting and manageable cross curricular opportunities
  • assessment of and for learning in MFL

Active and Engaging MFL

This session is designed for whole staff participation, with a focus on using using active learning strategies in MFL so that the pupils are engaged and motivated to learn. As a result staff will:

  • have a better understanding of planning lessons that engage and motivate pupils;
  • understand the importance of activating prior knowledge in order to motivate and engage pupils;
  • be equipped with a range of easy to use strategies and activities which can be used in the classroom straight away.
  • understand how active engagement strategies can promote the development of higher order thinking skills.
  • provide physical and mental challenge for your students
  • practise the target language and explore aspects of different cultures



‘’Thank you, this is the kind of thing we need to motivate’’

‘’Thank you for sharing these excellent resources and spreading it across the country’’

"The resources are extremely adaptable across year groups and skill levels"


MFL CPD Courses


What's New

French Phonics Sessions : Jolies Phoniques....French flag

You can have fun with French phonics.

  • Confused about French pronunciation?
  • Worried that your accent isn’t up to scratch?
  • Wondering how to teach young French learners the rules of sounding French?

Take the fear out of French with Jolies Phoniques! This accessible, fun and practical workshop is aimed at anyone involved in teaching French at KS2. You will learn some simple rules for sounding French, try out some games you can use in the classroom and go home with materials to use in school. Whether you are a teacher or teaching assistant, advanced French speaker or an absolute beginner, this workshop will give you the confidence to speak and teach the language.

Download flyer: french phonics.pdf (pdf/33kb)

For further information or to book contact:

Andrea Cowie
Administrative support - Languages Adviser
Tel: 01438 844822


Yvonne Kennedy, Languages Consultant
Telephone: 01438 845111