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Spring 2012 Issue No. 7

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Spring Term 2012

National Curriculum changes pushed back- but great news for MFL!

On 19th December it was announced that changes to all subjects in the National Curriculum will be pushed back until 2014.

Michael Gove's statement just before Christmas re: the National Curriculum review can now be found here:

The Association of Language Learning (ALL) has posted:

'He (Michael Gove) has decided that it is essential that the review takes more time for consideration and discussion with stakeholders, and has also announced his decision to revise the timetable that the review will follow. The main effect of this revision is that the new Programmes of Study for English, Maths, Science and PE will now be required to be taught in maintained schools from September 2014 rather than September 2013. This will mean that new Programmes of Study for all subjects that will be part of the National Curriculum in future will now be introduced together from 2014.'

See table which refers to recommendations to the Expert Panel for MFL. The good news is that 'Upper KS2' is included in the National Curriculum but there is uncertainty whether 'Lower KS2' will be included. Compulsory KS4 is included.

The full report of the Expert Panel is here: