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Teaching Resources - World War 1

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War and these materials in French will deliver innovative lessons on the topic for either KS3 or KS4.

With grateful thanks to Sheila Ball.

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Audio Files

le 4 aout 1914
le 8 aout 1914
le 12 aout 1914
le 2 novembre 1914
le 12 decembre 1914
le 14 mars 1915
le 27 mars 1915
le 15 juin 1915
le 23 mai 1915


Lesson Plans

9C Introductory Lesson
9C Lesson 2 Describing Characters WW1
9C Lesson 3 Describing Characters Adjectival Agreement WW1
9C Lesson 4 Describing Characters in detail WW1
9C Lesson 5 Improving Character Desriptions WW1
9C Lesson 6 Reading Aloud as a Chorus WW1
9C Lesson 7 Propaganda Posters ICT
9C Lesson 8 les lettres d'aout
9C Lesson 9 les lettres d'aout
9C Lesson 10 les lettres d'aout
9C Lesson 11 How to Form the Future Tense
9C Lesson 12 Preassessment Lesson



AJ Photos
La vie quotidienne dans les tranchees
Les lettres d'aout
Propaganda Poster Reading Activity
Vocabulary to Describe Life in the Trenches